Getting your hands on an iPhone in time for Christmas might come down to one of the most basic principles of economy: supply and demand.

KGI sees trouble: We already knew that iPhone X supply would be limited, but analysts at KGI found demand for the $999 flagship might be higher than anticipated.

Low iPhone 8 interest: Demand for the “regular” iPhone 8 seems softer than in previous years. Whereas shipping times for past iPhones ballooned to several weeks or even months during the pre-order window, KGI found that some versions of the iPhone 8 are still available for launch-day shipping.

iPhone X to blame: Unless Apple severely overestimated demand for the iPhone 8, it looks like a lot of people are simply waiting for the fancy new iPhone X to launch in late October.

2018 deliveries: Given this strong demand, and considering earlier reports of OLED shortages, it seems likely that wait times for the iPhone X could extend well into the holiday season and even into 2018.

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