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Best of CES 2018

Andrew Grush2 weeks ago

Hands-on: Asus ROG PG65 "Big Format Gaming Display"

2 weeks ago

Samsung smartens up its TVs with 8K AI-powered upsampling and Bixby

Bogdan Petrovan
The Q96 features QLED technology, 8K resolution, and AI, with a price tag to match.

Behold The Wall, Samsung’s gigantic, modular MicroLED TV

Bogdan Petrovan
The Wall is a modular MicroLED TV, the first modular TV set for consumers, according to Samsung.

What to look for if you’re buying a robot vacuum for the first time

Florence Ion
Thinking about getting a robot vacuum? Here's the things you'll want to consider before making the plunge.

How to use Samsung SmartThings for a Halloween fright

Florence Ion
Halloween is a traditional affair but can tech help you? Forget the candles, here's how Samsung SmartThings can make your Halloween extra spooky!

Samsung and ADT bring SmartThings to your home security

Florence Ion
Samsung and ADT's new SmartThings-enabled DIY security system starter kit bundles what you need for automating your home and keeping it safe.

How modern tech is changing meditation

Edgar Cervantes
We have been taught that one way to relieve stress is to disconnect and keep those pesky smartphones away, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Best Robotic Vacuums – Convenience at Its Finest

A.J. Hartless
In today's age, everything is getting the smart treatment - vacuums included. If you want to automate your vacuuming, here are the best robotic vacuums.

Best smart thermostats – transforming heating and cooling for the better

David Imel
Smart thermostats are relatively new to the market, but they are one of the most useful home automation tools we have. So which are the best? Let's see.

3 smart fridges worth buying right now

David Imel
Looking for a smart refrigerator? Here are the 3 best smart fridges on the market right now.
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