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Why should you make your home a smart home?

Frederick Blichert2 weeks ago

Nest Secure review - home security made smarter!

2 days ago

Netflix pulls feature that turns binging into a game for kids

Derrek Leigh
The feature was a good way to get your kids addicted to TV.

Black Mirror will be right back; renewed for 5th season

Derrek Leigh
What more could they do? We'll have to wait and see.

Hasan Minhaj to host weekly comedy show on Netflix

Derrek Leigh
The Daily Show correspondent, Hasan Minhaj, will soon have a new home at Netflix as the host of his own comedy show.

Netflix wants to have about 700 originals this year

Derrek Leigh
In case you haven't noticed, Netflix is ramping up its original content big time.

Netflix wants to pressure people to commit murder

Derrek Leigh
A new original is on the way and the main question it wants to ask: "Can we be manipulated through social pressure to commit murder?"

Conan the Barbarian is getting a new Amazon series

Conan is making its way over to Amazon with brand new adaptation in the works.

‘Jessica Jones’ is back in a brand new trailer

Frederick Blichert
What can we expect from season two of the Marvel series?

The best Netflix TV shows – Stranger Things, Black Mirror and more

Andrew Grush
The Netflix streaming TV series has a ton of great original shows to check out, and we have picked the best Netflix series currently available.

Glee’s Ryan Murphy to bring new comedy series ‘The Politician’ to Netflix

The Politician is an upcoming hour long series by the creator behind Glee. And it's already secured two seasons on Netflix.

Black Mirror isn’t about tech, it’s about tech’s social implications

Black Mirror is a sci-fi show that is all about tech and the potential horrors and pitfalls it brings. More important, the show is all about the social implications behind the tech.

Best video streaming services — what are your current options?

Mitja Rutnik
Video streaming services allow you to watch what you want whenever you want and can be a great alternative to cable. Here's a list of the best ones.
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