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The best 7-inch tablets you can buy, even in 2020!

It started with the Nexus 7, genuine respect for an affordable 7-inch Android tablet. Large phones are eating into their market, are there any good 7-inch tablets left?
July 9

Netflix not working on your LG smart TV? Here’s what to do

Get back to streaming ASAP.
June 16

5 best 65-inch 4K TVs for 2018!

The sweet spot for TVs seems to be 55-inch. However, some people just want something bigger. They're expensive, but available, and we can help! Here are the best 65-inch 4K TVs in 2018!
August 22, 2018

QLED vs OLED – The differences explained!

Samsung's QLED is a bit different. It's only one letter away from the famed OLED panels of brands like LG or Sony. However, the two technologies are actually vastly different. Let's ...
August 6, 2018

LG leads the pack at Display Week 2018

LG showed off a number of new panels at Display Week 2018. From foldable to sound-emitting, there's a new technology for everyone at this show.
May 25, 2018

LG’s latest trajectory is prioritizing AI in its product lineup

The AI-based ThinQ platform is LG’s latest ploy into marrying artificial intelligence with its lineup of consumer technology.
January 12, 2018

Best home security cameras – what are your current options?

In the market for a home security camera? Check out our list of the best ones you can currently get your hands on.
October 16, 2017
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