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How to transfer music from a computer to an iPhone

You just ripped music from your CDs to a PC. We show you how to transfer music from a computer to an iPhone.
May 16, 2019

How to get Google Assistant for iPhone

For when Siri isn't cutting it.
January 20, 2019

5 best antivirus apps for iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad don't really need antivirus apps. iOS in general doesn't let apps have enough permissions to the system to be actually troublesome. Still, there are some decent apps to ...
September 1, 2018

How to use your iPad as a second monitor

Need to get more out of your iPad? Why not use it as a second monitor to your PC. Check out these free apps, and a paid one too.
July 10, 2018

Apple iOS 12 – everything you need to know

From new Siri shortcuts to expanded privacy, check out what to expect.
June 4, 2018

Best 10 inch tablets – Android, iOS and Windows

While the best tablet may be different for each user, we narrow down what we think is the most productive, powerful and all around best 10 inch tablet. (Updated May 2016)
May 22, 2018

15 funny things to ask Siri

Apple has built Siri to have a personality, and it can be quite witty when asked the right questions. Bored? Let's have some fun with our good ol' friend Siri.
May 4, 2018

15 best video editors for most platforms

Video production is quite popular these days. YouTube creators are everywhere, many bloggers are required to have the skill, and many businesses use it for creating training videos and ...
May 3, 2018

ARKit lets your iPhone play chess from a galaxy far, far away

"Let the Wookiee win."
April 18, 2018

New Castlevania game is coming to iOS this year

The series has put out more than 30 games in nearly 30 years.
April 18, 2018

Best Travel Apps for Your Vacation

How often do you get to travel? No matter how often, you want to make it worthwhile. Here are the best travel apps to get the most out of your trip.
September 27, 2017
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