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VR headset buyer’s guide – what are your options?

Looking to get into VR? Here's our guide to the best VR headsets on the market.
August 20, 2018

Is the HTC Vive Pro worth it?

This great new VR headset goes for $799. As good as it is, is it worth it?
May 4, 2018

HTC Vive Pro open for pre-order; will set you back $799

That's assuming you already own controllers and base stations
March 19, 2018

We don’t throttle performance on our Android phones like Apple, say HTC and Motorola

Two Android heavyweights confirm that Apple's decision to dumb down iPhone performance over time isn't standard industry practice.
December 28, 2017

Google buys HTC smartphone talent for $1.1 billion

Google and HTC have been working closely together for years, and now they're taking the relationship to the next level.
September 21, 2017
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