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Here are the best Nest products you can buy

Edgar CervantesApril 25
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Best HBO comedies: Silicon Valley, Sex and the City, and more

April 24

15 best video editors for most platforms

Joe HindyMay 3
Video production is quite popular these days. YouTube creators are everywhere, many bloggers are required to have the skill, and many businesses use it for creating training videos and ...

10 best video editing apps for iPad and iPhone!

Joe HindyMay 2
Video editing is best done on a computer, where you have more resources and stronger components. However, those looking to edit video on their phone or tablet are in luck because it is ...

5 best video editors for Linux

Joe HindyMay 2
Linux normally isn't a great OS for creative types. That doesn't make it impossibly by any means. There are some excellent video editor apps for Linux. We narrowed down the list to only ...

5 best video editors for Mac

Joe HindyMay 2
Mac is a popular platform for creative folks. That means a lot of us want to edit some videos. There are several great video editors for Mac. However, you're a busy person and so are ...

5 best video editors for PC

Joe HindyMay 2
Video editing used to be a pro-only thing. Now, with sites like YouTube, everyone's getting into it. There are a bunch of video editors for PC. However, most of them are redundant. ...

Best Mail Apps for Mac: macOS High Sierra Edition

A.J. HartlessMay 1
Apple Mail received some improvements with Sierra, but is it the best mail client? Here are our picks for the Best Mail Apps for Mac: MacOS Sierra Edition.

The best web browsers (on most platforms)

Joe HindyApril 27
You already know how important web browsing is to everyone on the Internet. We have done the testing, cut the fat, and have a lean list of the best web browsers on all modern platforms. ...

5 best web browsers for Linux (most distros, anyway)

Joe HindyApril 27
Web browsers for Linux is a bit of a difficult topic. There are so many distros out there and most browsers don't support all of them. That makes choosing these a little bit difficult. ...

5 best web browsers for Mac

Joe HindyApril 27
People browse the web everyday, but you already knew. You're likely looking for some decent web browser options for Mac and we can help. We cut the fat and get to the point. Here are ...

5 best web browsers for Windows

Joe HindyApril 27
We don't need to tell you how important web browsers are on Windows. They basically provide a window into the Internet, a place where we all spend a great deal of time these days. Here ...

10 best browsers for iPhone and iPad!

Joe HindyApril 23
You iPad comes pre-loaded with a well-rounded browser, but what if you want something a little different? Check out this list for the best browser for iPad.
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