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Here are the best Nest products you can buy

Edgar CervantesApril 25
DGiT Daily

Best HBO comedies: Silicon Valley, Sex and the City, and more

April 24

15 funny things to ask Siri

Edgar CervantesMay 4
Apple has built Siri to have a personality, and it can be quite witty when asked the right questions. Bored? Let's have some fun with our good ol' friend Siri.

10 best video editing apps for iPad and iPhone!

Joe HindyMay 2
Video editing is best done on a computer, where you have more resources and stronger components. However, those looking to edit video on their phone or tablet are in luck because it is ...

Did you know about these Siri easter eggs?

Frederick BlichertMay 2
Apple's Siri has got some sass on her.

Here’s a look at the best Photoshop alternatives

A.J. HartlessApril 21
No matter if you are a novice user or an advanced user, Photoshop can be used to handle a number of photo editing tasks. However, if you're looking for a Photoshop alternative, there ...

Best note taking apps for the iPad

Tab TimesApril 19
Looking to use your Apple tablet for productivity purposes? Why not check out our list of the best note taking apps for iPad. Apple Pencil not required.

How to use your iPad as a second monitor

DGiTApril 18
Need to get more out of your iPad? Why not use it as a second monitor to your PC. Check out these free apps, and a paid one too.

What does Applecare cover, and is it worth the buy?

Sean KingApril 18
When you decide to purchase an Apple device you're also going to be faced with a decision about extra coverage. Should you buy AppleCare?

Apple to launch a new Texture-based news app

Derrek LeighApril 17
Apple wants to be the new Netflix of magazines.

How to reset Apple ID

DGiTApril 17
Forget your Apple ID password, or simply want to improve security? We'll show you how to reset Apple ID passwords and accounts in this quick how-to.

How to find my iPhone – What are your options?

A.J. HartlessApril 13
When you lose the device that carries all of your personal information, your pictures, your contacts, bank accounts and more it's crucial that you get it back as soon as possible.

How to close programs on a Mac

Frederick BlichertApril 11
A step-by-step guide to force quitting problem programs.
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