Smart Home

Smart home buyer's guide

Andrew GrushAugust 7
Alternative Transportation

Electric cars, scooters, mopeds and more

August 7

The Best Google Cardboard Games and Apps (September 2018)

Kevin ParrishSeptember 20
Google Cardboard is a simple way to jump into VR on Andriod and iPhone devices. But what are the best games and apps for it?

Best 10 inch tablets – Android, iOS and Windows

Edgar CervantesMay 22
While the best tablet may be different for each user, we narrow down what we think is the most productive, powerful and all around best 10 inch tablet. (Updated May 2016)

15 best photo editors on most platforms

Joe HindyMay 20
Photo editing is all over the place these days. You can snap photos on your smartphone and edit them there go with the old fashioned route and edit on your computer. No matter where you ...

15 best video editors for most platforms

Joe HindyMay 3
Video production is quite popular these days. YouTube creators are everywhere, many bloggers are required to have the skill, and many businesses use it for creating training videos and ...

Best Cheap Tablets – What do you get for the money?

A.J. HartlessMarch 21
If you need something more portable than your laptop, but with a larger screen than your phone, then you might be in the market for a tablet. But if you don't want to drop a lot of ...

Smartphones with in-display fingerprint sensors coming in 2018

Oliver CraggDecember 13, 2017
Synaptics has begun mass production of an in-display fingerprint sensor that will bring front-facing sensors back to “bezel-less” smartphones.

Best Travel Apps for Your Vacation

A.J. HartlessSeptember 27, 2017
How often do you get to travel? No matter how often, you want to make it worthwhile. Here are the best travel apps to get the most out of your trip.

Best Smart Hubs – Centralize Your Home Automation

A.J. HartlessAugust 26, 2017
Once you've built up a fine collection of smart devices, you're going to want to centralize. Here's a quick list of the best smart hubs on the market.

Nintendo Switch battery life – how to make the most of it!

Tab TimesJuly 9, 2017
Looking to extend your Nintendo Switch battery life? Join us as we run through a few possible ways to improve Nintendo Switch battery performance.

What is a meme?

DGiTJune 16, 2017
We see them everywhere we go: memes. But what is a meme, and how did the trend get started? That's exactly what we explore in this article!

Everyday carry – 6 EDC essentials you’ll want to get

David ImelJune 11, 2017
Looking to optimize your everyday carry? Join us as we take a look at some products we highly recommend making part of your daily life.
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