Reddit calls itself the front page of the internet, and while we are not sure that is completely true, it at least gets close to it. This user-generated news aggregation website has 542 million monthly visitors. What makes it so special? The fact that the community decides what becomes more relevant through a voting system.

Reddit has strict rules against spamming, self-promotion and other issues, which makes it one of the most credible sources online. But we can’t deny the site itself can be pretty rough and confusing. Where do you go, aside from the main page?

The whole website is divided in subreddits, where you can  go and search for content related to specific topics. There’s all kinds of goodies in there… too many, in fact. We are going to help you by showing you some of the most popular tech-related ones, as well as our very own favorites. Shall we get started?


Let’s start with the obvious one. The technology subreddit has over 5 million users and covers all things tech. From new gadgets to legal topics and common questions, this page has it all. It is mostly for those who want a general view of what’s hot in the industry without having to stay on Reddit’s homepage, which is full of all kinds of weird stuff.


Apple’s prestige and popularity is unbeatable. In fact, Forbes ranks it as the most valuable brand in the world. We are sure many of you have at least one Apple product around. If you have any questions or want to discuss something regarding these gadgets, this is probably the best spot to do it.


Are you more of an Android kind of person? There’s a subreddit for you too, and it has over 720,000 readers. Plenty of people to talk to can be found here. You will find all kinds of gadgets, news, tutorials, funny posts and more. The Android community is very tight, so you will have some fun here.

Windows Phone

There’s not many of you out there, which is why the Windows Phone community sticks together. This subreddit has plenty of users at nearly 50,000. Go find some fellow Windows Phone users!


Don’t care about all the technology news that don’t deal with shiny new devices? Just go to the gadgets subreddit, where you will find nothing but cool new devices.


All the other subreddits are cool, but they mostly talk about present happenings and products. Some of us like to dream about what the future holds.

The futurology subreddit talks about tech to come in the near (and far) future. This also includes discussing possible scenarios, future problems we may have as a society and more. It’s one of the funnest subreddits, as well as amazingly popular with almost 9.5 million users.


Gamers out there need a place to find other players, learn about cool games and geek out on tech. With over 13 million users, the gaming subreddit will surely keep you busy between those hard core gaming sessions. Most top-rating posts in this page have thousands upon thousands of voters, so you know chances of quality content are much higher.


PC gamers love going all out on their computer set-ups. Some call these “battlestations” – they are high-end computers on fancy desks, usually adorned by lights and other accessories. Oh, and you can’t forget the multiple monitors!

These rigs often look like they belong in some secret government office. Many of us would have to save for months to afford half of what is set up on that desk.

Some users go as far as creativity can take them. I’ve seen computers built into desks and walls. There’s is some wild stuff in there.

Virtual Reality

VR is all the hype these days, but there’s plenty of technicalities to learn and discuss if you have jumped into this ship. There are many virtual reality users in this subreddit, so go sign up now.

Tech Support

Having problems with your tech? Taking your devices to a repair shop is often unecessary; just go to the tech support subreddit and ask the 97 thousand users for help. The community will have your back with anything they can help you with.

Wrapping up

There you have it, guys. Those are some of the hottest tech-related subreddits around. Are there any others you would recommend to fellow redditors? Hit the comments to let us know!

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