Tesla Model Y: The all-electric crossover you’ve been hoping for

Now that Tesla has reached the point in its production abilities to release the $35,000 base Model 3, the company has taken the wraps off of its next vehicle: the Model Y. Rounding out Elon Musk’s collection of consumer-friendly electric cars, the Model Y could be Tesla’s mass-market automobile that helps the company take off.

As you can see from the photos, Tesla took the term “crossover” very seriously. From the front, the Model Y looks eerily similar to the Model 3. But as you walk around to the back, you’ll notice the design starts to fill out and look more like the Model X.

Tesla Model Y Blue Tesla

The Tesla Model Y does not come with any traditional keys. Instead, owners will authenticate themselves with their smartphones identical to the Model 3.

While the company didn’t state this during its announcement, the vehicle is expected to come with cards with NFC chips built-in that can be used to get in and start the car.

Tesla’s trend of manufacturing some of the safest cars on the road will probably continue with the Model Y. Built to a similar architecture as the Model 3, the automobile features a rigid frame and multiple impact protection points. These should help protect passengers in case of an accident.

We will have to wait for official government testing to be done first before knowing exactly how safe it is for sure.

Additionally, with its low center of gravity, thanks to the rows of batteries lining the bottom of the car, you should expect smooth handling. This is nice to have whether you’re taking the Model Y for a road trip or just down the block to pick up groceries.

What does the Model Y’s internals look like?

Tesla Model Y Interior Tesla

The interior of the Model Y looks almost identical to the Model 3. Similar to the commuter vehicle, Tesla’s mid-size SUV features a large 15-inch display that’s mounted in the middle of the car’s dash. As seen in the above photo, there are no knobs or switches. Instead, everything is controlled by the single touchscreen.

Also much like the Model 3, the Model Y’s steering wheel will feature two multi-functional buttons. These can be used to control media playback, adjusting the side mirrors, and much more.

Looking around the cabin, you’ll notice the panoramic glass roof. Similar to the Model S, this design feature makes the vehicle interior feel more spacious.

As with other crossovers, the Model Y can be outfitted with up to seven seats. Looking at the car, it doesn’t appear as though the third row will offer that much space, but Tesla claims that seven adults can fit into the vehicle. We will have to wait and find out how much space third-row passengers have. 

Tesla Model Y Interior Cargo Area Tesla

Unlike the Model 3, which was mainly meant for commuting, the Model Y can be used to haul larger objects. This automobile features a total of 66 cubic feet of space between the front trunk and the inside cabin.

Thanks to the fact that the second and third rows fold down, along with the low trunk floor, you will be able to carry a large amount of luggage, skis, or even pieces of furniture.

Tesla Model Y Specs

Tesla Model Y Red Tesla

The Tesla Model Y will come in four different configurations. While the vehicle doesn’t change much between each option, the main differentiator is the battery size and motor setup. 

If you’re looking for the longest range, you’re going to want to check out the Long Range Rear Wheel Drive variant. If you want the most power in addition to every bell and whistle, the Performance model is for you.

You can find specifics for each Model Y variant below.

Tesla Model YPerformanceLong Range AWDLong Range RWDStandard Range
BatteryLong rangeLong rangeLong rangeStandard range
Wheels20" performance wheels18" or 19"18" or 19"18" or 19"
Acceleration3.5s 0-60mph4.8s 0-60mph5.5s 0-60mph5.9s 0-60mph
Max cargo volume (not including front truck)65 cu ft65 cu ft65 cu ft65 cu ft
Range280 miles (EPA est.)280 miles (EPA est.)300 miles (EPA est.)230 miles (EPA est.)
Top speed150mph135mph130mph120mph
DriveDual motor all-wheel driveDual motor all-wheel driveRear-wheel driveRear-wheel drive
Displays15" center touchscreen15" center touchscreen15" center touchscreen15" center touchscreen
SeatingUp to 7 adultsUp to 7 adultsUp to 7 adultsUp to 7 adults
SuperchargingPay per usePay per usePay per usePay per use

The Model Y doesn’t have an outrageous price

Tesla Model Y Blue Tesla

As with previous Tesla announcements, the company doesn’t plan to roll the Model Y off the production line for quite some time. Additionally, it will be even longer before Tesla starts delivering the base variant. 

Tesla believes that the two Long Range models along with the Performance variant will be ready for buyers in late 2020. The Long Range RWD starts at $42,700, the AWD version is $51,000, and the Performance will set buyers back $60,000. 

The Standard Range Model Y is set for a Spring 2021 release starting at $39,000.

Of course, the price jumps if you want an exterior paint color other than black, choose the white interior, upgrade to the seven-seat layout, and pay for Autopilot and the full self-driving capability.

Click on the button below to learn more about the Tesla Model Y. If you’re dying to get your hands on the new vehicle, you can even design and pre-order your Model Y right now.

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