Tesla Model 3 price and options: What to expect

The Tesla Model 3 is coming and we just cannot wait. This is Tesla’s move into mass manufacturing, the big time, and there’s no doubt that this is the car that will make or break the company. So, crucially, how much will the Tesla Model 3 cost?

Right now, there is just one Tesla Model 3 price estimation making the rounds. It’s $35,000, although that’s before you hit the extras list. When the model is in full flow, the Palo Alto company reckons that most new cars will weigh in around the $50,000 mark by the time it rolls off the production line.

That’s substantially more than Elon Musk’s original target of $42,000, but the car will come with a bigger battery pack that will cover 300 miles on a single charge, all the self-driving boxes ticked and a range of cosmetic add-ons that will make the Model 3 stand out.

Most Model 3 customers opt for bigger battery

More than 58% of 4000 Model 3 reservation holders customers that responded to a survey opted for the bigger battery and only 13% of those with a slot in the queue have opted for the base car with no options. The glass roof ended up on the options list, too, and that is another popular feature.

Fully autonomous hardware will come as standard, but turning it on will be a cost option as with the Model S. But, with the level of autonomy that should come within the next two years, we can’t imagine many people buying the car and not going for the full Autopilot package.

Will you get the Federal Tax break?

Of course, then the murky world of Federal Tax Incentives comes into play. We’re not sure if you’ll get the full $7,500 if you order now, but with 384,000 pre-orders before the car even hit the road then that’s going to get less likely by the day.

When the tax incentive phase out begins, if it begins as planned at the sale of 200,000 units, then Tesla faces a race against time to get as many of these cars out in the wild as possible within six months. That’s when the tax break gets slashed in half, which can greatly affect the final Tesla Model 3 price – unless we see some radical changes to what is looking to be increasingly unfair legislation.

So, how much Tesla Model 3 do you get for your money?

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Tesla Model 3 battery pack

Tesla hasn’t actually confirmed the power or specifics of the battery packs yet. But we do know that the base pack will return 215 miles and the optional pack will return more than 300 miles.

So, it’s fair to assume we’re going to see a 60kWh battery pack and potentially a 90kWh upgrade. We’re guessing, just like everyone else, but that’s what we can extrapolate from the Model S performance figures.

Tesla Model 3 performance

This is where things get interesting, as the Tesla Model 3 is going to offer a wide range of performance, just like the Model S. Of course, the price of the Model 3 will greatly depend on the performance figures.

The base car will still do 0-60mph in less than six seconds. As Elon Musk says, Tesla doesn’t make slow cars. We can safely assume that the faster car will hit 60mph in less than five seconds and there was a figure leaked some time ago showing that one car will do the 60mph dash in 4.6s.

Honestly speaking, that’s nowhere near the 2.5s time of the Model S P100D. So, we think that number could be for the more powerful option at launch time.

Quite what we can expect from a Model 3 P100D, we’re not 100% sure right now. But it should hit 60mph in less than 2.5s, come with four-wheel-drive and supercar slaying times on the dragstrip.

There is no official confirmation we’ll ever get that car, of course. But we think it’s coming and it will have to take the fight to the likes of the BMW M3 and Mercedes C63.

We expect the base car to offer a 130mph top speed, while the more powerful cars will top 155mph.

Tesla Model 3 interior options

The interior of the  Tesla Model 3 is about as clean and simple as it gets. We’re not sure right now, though, if the Model 3 will get the Premium seat that is made in-house and is the only option on the Model S as standard.

Sports seats may be an option, but Tesla has streamlined the available choices for the Model S into five basic packages and is likely to do the same with the Model 3.

Expect two-tone and upgraded leather, as well as carbon-fiber trim to feature in the options list, as well as a range of wood finishes.

Tesla Model 3 wheel options

The Model 3 will come with 18 or 19″ wheels. As this is the first mass market Tesla, we’re expecting a big aftermarket supply for the Model 3 as well.

Wrap up

The $35,000 price tag for the Model 3 is just the start, and most cars will cost closer to $50,000 in reality. We’re waiting for a halo model sports sedan in the $60,000-$80,000 price bracket, too. That’s a car worth waiting for, but it might be a year or two down the line.’

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For now, get ready and check back for Tesla Model 3 price information as we get it.

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