The Tamagotchi makes a return for its 20th anniversary

Remember the Tamagotchi? Of course you do! Now you’ll get the chance to experience that tiny virtual pet all over again.

Bandai is bringing back the Tamagotchi for its 20th anniversary. A miniature version was released in Japan as a limited run, with the North American release slated for November 5.

Reviving the popular brand: The Tamagotchi was one of the hottest selling toys in the 1990s. As of 2010, over 76 million Tamagotchis have been sold worldwide.

Banking on nostalgia: Bandai America hopes to market these toys to millennials who want to relive that part of their childhood. Tara Badie, director of brand management, told The Verge, “We’re going after that nostalgia.”

Similar, but different: On November 5, Bandai is releasing a $14.99, limited-edition version of the Tamagotchi. The screen is around 40% smaller than the original toy, while the body is 60% smaller. Other than that, everything is the exact same.

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