All the Stephen King movies on Netflix—and some TV shows too

Stephen King is one of the most prolific writers of our time, and adaptations of his works are numerous.

Netflix often cycles through a selection of content based on his various works, but they have also recently begun producing original adaptations of the horror master’s work under the Netflix Originals banner.

Below are the current selections of King-related work that can be found on the streaming service.

Gerald’s Game

Gerald’s Game is one of the best Stephen Kind movies on Netflix. It was the first in a series of planned releases of Netflix Original content based on King’s work.

The movie is one of the best of the streaming giant’s original films, and it’s a solid thriller. While the pacing is a bit off in some parts, and I would have liked to have seen a few parts of the story flushed out a bit better, I still recommend it.

The story follows Gerald and Jessie Burlingame (Bruce Greenwood and Carla Gugino) who, in an effort to spice up their marriage, head to their lake house for a bit of role playing and fun. Sadly, Gerald is struck by a medical emergency, but only after handcuffing his wife to the bed. As Jessie struggles to get free, she learns some things about herself and her past that surface under the stress of the situation.


Based on the novella of the same name, 1922 is the second Netflix Original King adaptation from 2017.

The story is that of Wilfred James (Thomas Jane), who, along with his son (Dylan Schmid), kills his wife (Molly Parker) to ensure that she does not move away and jeopardize his ability to inherit her family’s farm.

With echoes of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell Tale Heart,” Wilfred and his son begin to experience unsettling supernatural occurrences as the reality of their crime sets in. One of the more interesting aspects of the story is that it is narrated by the killer, a dynamic that I always enjoy. The film has received fairly good reviews so far, and is certainly one of the better Netflix original movies to be released to date, and one of the best Stephen King movies on Netflix.

Children of the Corn (1984)

One of the classic adaptations of King’s eponymous short story, Children of the Corn is a decent movie by ’80s horror-thriller standards, but it is fairly cheesy and hasn’t aged all that well.

The story is that of a young couple (Linda Hamilton and Peter Horton), who find themselves in a small town that appears to be abandoned. Before they know it, they are trapped by a children’s cult that has previously killed all adults in an effort to appease their version of God.

Haven (five seasons)

Some of the best Stephen King movies on Netflix aren’t movies at all.

Haven is a SyFy Channel original series based on the King novel The Colorado Kid. The show is set in Haven, Maine, where FBI agent and loner Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) is sent to investigate a murder. As she begins to learn about the town and its inhabitants, she learns of dark secrets and of her own ties to the town — which she was previously unaware of.

The show has some pretty rough-looking special effects, but that hasn’t stop us all from loving Supernatural or rewatching Star Trek! 

The Mist (one season)

The Mist was originally aired on Spike in the U.S., but it was cancelled after only one season. Other than many viewers’ distaste for the highlighting of progressive social issues, the show was simply poorly made with no real plot or likeable characters to help anchor its audience.

Still, if you want to give it a whirl, Netflix has picked up the ten-episode first season for your viewing pleasure.

Based on the success of Gerald’s Game and 1922, Netflix has announced that it will be adapting In the Tall Grass, a story written by King and his son, Joe Hill. So expect more great Stephen King movies on Netflix in the near future.

Slated to star James Marsden (Westworld, X-Men) and from director Vincenzo Natali (Cube, Splice), In the Tall Grass is still in development, so we may need to wait until 2019 to see it.

We’ll keep you posted about any new Stephen King movies on Netflix. Any King stories you’d love to see onscreen? Let us know in the comments.

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