In late September, Nintendo started selling the SNES Classic, which crams 21 Super Nintendo games inside a tiny console, along with two controllers, for just $80. Now a Russian hacker who goes by the handle “Cluster” has figured out a way to add almost any SNES game to this new mini-console.

The code is not for everyone: You will have to jump through a few hoops to add new games to the SNES Classic. That includes downloading Cluster’s Hakchi2 application via GitHub. You can also check out a FAQ on Reddit and a video on YouTube if you need help getting started.

Adding additional SNES games to the console could be illegal: Unless you still own the original cartridges for the game ROMS that you are adding to the small console, it’s against the law to store and play those ROMS on the SNES Classic.

Nintendo doesn’t appear to mind that you can hack into the SNES Classic: In fact, Cluster even found a hidden message inside the code base for the console directed in part to modders like himself.

He’s done this before: Cluster also found a way to sideload original NES games into Nintendo’s previous NES Classic system.

Will you take the plunge and attempt to add extra game ROMs into the SNES Classic? Let us know what you plan to do in the comments!

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