Introducing SmartThings Wi-Fi mesh network system

Samsung SmartThings is without a doubt one of the best known smart home platforms and it’s only getting better. Recently Samsung announced plans for a Galaxy Home smart speaker with SmartThings integration, but it’s plans don’t stop there. Samsung has now announced the SmartThings Wi-Fi mesh network system.

To be fair, this isn’t an entirely new product. In March of last year Samsung released its first Wi-Fi mesh network device, dubbed Samsung Connect Home. So what makes the new SmartThings Wi-Fi mesh network system different? Great question. Before we answer that, let’s take a step back and explain what a mesh Wi-Fi network is.

What is a mesh network exactly?

You likely at least have a vague understanding of what a Wi-Fi router is. It’s a device that lets you connect to the Internet wirelessly. But have you ever noticed performance can vary depending on the room you are in? That’s because the wireless signals can get blocked, especially in larger homes. Mesh networks aim to solve this problem by including several smaller routers, called nodes. 

These nodes all talk to each other, extending your Wi-Fi network throughout every part of your home. This means dead or weak spots become a lot less common and your internet strength ends up much stronger as a result. 

Samsung SmartThings Mesh Network system - 3 pack

SmartThings Wi-Fi mesh network system is powered by advanced AI

At the heart of it all, the SmartThings Wi-Fi mesh network system holds a lot in common with the Connect Home. They both feature integrated SmartThings hubs for one, allowing the Wi-Fi device to control your smart home setup. The big difference is that the new SmartThings Wi-Fi device was created in partnership with Plume, a San Francisco based AI startup.

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Using Plume technology the SmartThings Wi-Fi mesh network system will be able to monitor your internet usage and learn how you use it across your devices, allocating bandwidth to the devices that need it the most. It will also introduce parental controls that let parents set specific times for when children and teens can use the web, set up dedicated Wi-Fi logins for guests. and a bunch of other features that weren’t possible without the AI tech.

How much will the SmartThings Wi-Fi mesh network system cost?

The SmartThings Wi-Fi device will cost $119 for a single unit. Of course, the magic of mesh networking isn’t really possible (or at least not as efficient) with one single node. To that end, Samsung will sell a three-pack for $280. For those that are keeping track, the older Samsung Connect Home three-pack costs $380, so you’re actually getting more functionality for less with this new Mesh kit.  

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