How to set up your Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is an amazing smart speaker that can make your life easier in a number of ways, but how do you set up Amazon Echo? From the outside looking in, this is just a tall circular speaker, but once you have everything activated, this cylindrical piece of metal and plastic can help automate your life and be a great source of entertainment as well. But before you get there, there are a few basic steps you have to go through.

Without further ado, let’s jump in and walk through the Amazon Echo setup process.

Note: This process will largely stay the same regardless of whether you have an Echo, Echo Plus, Dot, Tap, or Show. 

1 – Download the Amazon Alexa app

The very first part of the Amazon Echo setup process begins with downloading the app. The Alexa app will be your central hub for accessing all the different services your Echo speaker has to offer. This app is also necessary to help your speaker find the internet and your phone, so make sure you download this first. Once you launch the app and log in, it will ask you to plug in the Echo so that it can be located by your phone.

2 – Plug in your Amazon Echo

After you have your app downloaded and set up everything in the app, it’s time to plug in your Echo device. After it boots up, your Echo will start showing an orange ring on the top of the device, meaning that it is available for pairing. Once you see this ring, you can launch your app and it should start you on the process of getting your Echo connected to the internet.

The Echo line comes in different shapes and sizes, but the setup remains similar regardless.

3 – Connect the Echo to Wi-Fi

Follow the steps on your app to connect your device to Wi-Fi. Once you have it connected to your device you’ll be able to enter all the Wi-Fi information thorough the app, after which Amazon will update your device and have you connect to services.

4 – Watch the setup video

Amazon makes you watch a video showing all the things you can do with your Echo every time you set it up, and it is a bit long. If you haven’t set a device up before this is worth watching, but if you already know what you can do with your device we recommend setting your phone down for a bit while it runs through the video.

5 – Connect your Echo to third-party services

In order to use your Amazon Echo to its fullest capabilities, you’ll want to connect it to third party services such as music and other skills. You can do this in the settings section of the app, so make you give it access to all of these accounts in order to get the most out of your device.

And that’s it! As you can see Amazon Echo setup is actually a pretty simple process, though it does take a while. Once you’re done though, it’s an awesome device to have which can help automate your life and make your home just a little bit more fun.

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