Is your Roku remote not working? If it’s any consolation, you’re not alone. The good news is that if you find your Roku remote is not working, there are some easy fixes.

Before we share a few possible solutions, you first have to figure out what kind of a Roku remote you have. Your streaming device either came with a standard IR remote that must be pointed directly at the Roku, or an enhanced Roku remote which connect over a wireless network and works wherever you point it.

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The best way to figure out which type you have is to open the battery compartment. If you see a pairing button, you have an enhanced “point-anywhere” remote. If you don’t, you have the less fancy IR remote.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s take a look at some fixes that should help solve any issues that are causing the Roku remote to not work correctly. 

Fixes for the standard IR Roku remote

Fix number 1: Makes sure the signal isn’t blocked

The problem might be due to an obstruction that’s blocking the signal making its way from the remote to the streaming device. Remove any objects that might be positioned in front of your Roku and make sure you’re pointing the remote directly at it.

If there are no obstructions and the remote doesn’t work when you’re close to the streaming player and trying to use it, the search for the right fix continues.

Fix number 2: Reset the batteries

The next solution on the list is an easy one: try resetting the batteries. Just open up the compartment at the back, remove the batteries, and then place them back into the remote. After that, just point the remote directly at your Roku and see if it now works.

Fix number 3: Replace the batteries

If resetting the batteries didn’t work, replacing them might. Just buy some new ones or borrow them from a different device you have in your home —  AA or AAA size batteries required depending on your remote.

Open the compartment at the back, remove the old batteries, and insert new ones. Then point the remote directly at your Roku and check to see if the problem is solved.

Fixes for the enhanced “point-anywhere” Roku remote

Fix number 1: Restart your Roku device and remote

If you own an enhanced remote, restarting your streaming device as well as the remote is the first thing to try out. Open the compartment at the back of the remote and remove the batteries. Then remove the power cable from the Roku device, wait five seconds, and plug it back in.

When the Roku home screen appears on your TV, put the batteries back into the remote, wait 30 seconds for the connection to be established, and press a button to see if it works.

Fix number 2: Re-pair the remote

Just like with fix number two, remove the batteries from the remote and the power cable from the Roku, wait five seconds, and then plug the cable back into the device. When the home screen appears, put the batteries back into the remote.

After that’s done, press and hold the pairing button located in the battery compartment for three seconds, or until the pairing light on the remote starts to flash. Wait 30 seconds for the remote to establish a connection with your Roku device, after which the pairing dialog will appear on your TV screen.

Fix number 3: Replace the batteries

The process of replacing the batteries is a bit different — but still simple — when compared to the standard IR remote described above. Remove the batteries from the remote and the power cable from the Roku device. Wait for five seconds and then re-connect the cable.

Once the home screen appears on the TV, insert the new batteries into the remote and see if the issue still persist.

If these solutions didn’t solve the problem you’re having with the remote, there are two other things you can do — no matter which type of remote you have. They won’t fix your remote, but will at least allow you to continue using the streaming device.

Fix number 1: Download the Roku app

Have you tried all the solutions listed above and still can’t get the remote to work? Luckily, the remote your Roku came with isn’t required to use the streaming device. The alternative is to download the free app that allows you to control the device with your smartphone.

It’s free of charge and available for both Android and iOS devices. Visit the Play Store or Apple’s App Store, download the app, and you’re good to go.

Fix number 2: Get a new remote

If you weren’t able to fix the remote and don’t want to use the dedicated Roku app, there’s only one other option left: get a new remote. You can buy one from the company’s website with the cheapest model costing $15, while the most expensive will set you back $30.

Keep in mind that not all remotes work with every Roku. Before you make your purchase, check to see that the one you’re getting is compatible with your streaming device.

These are the most common solutions that should solve the remote-related issues you’re having. Having problems with your Roku and not just the remote? We have a Roku troubleshooting guide for that as well. Which one worked for you? Let us know in the comments.