How to reset Apple TV

We are about to write one of our shortest and easiest ever how-to articles for resetting devices, this time up is the set-top box built by Apple. This is how to reset Apple TV.

These simple instructions to reset your Apple TV are valid specifically for the 4th generation device, but I’ll put a small note in the directions where the previous generation models differ.

Rest Apple TV

With your Apple TV fired up and running, head into the main Settings.

Click on System (older devices will need to click on General.)

Tap on Reset.

You have two reset options, the first is designed for when you do not have an internet connection, it simply resets your Apple TV.

The second option is for when you have internet, this is the recommended option if possible as it will make sure your Apple TV is up to date while it is wiping all of your saved data and settings.

Do not unplug the Apple TV until the reset process is complete.

What’s next?

Once your Apple TV is completely reset, you will be back at the welcome screens for initial device setup that you may remember from the first time you took it out of the box. You are good to power down now, or just go ahead and setup, enter your credentials and re-install all your favorite apps from the App Store.

On a final note, you can restore your Apple TV through iTunes if needed.

As promised, a super simple tutorial today. I hope once again that you never have actual need to reset your Apple TV, but if so, we’ve got you covered.

Once you’re back up and running, have you considered using a projector instead of a TV?

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