Philips set to release connected lighting for outside your home

While the effort for smart home appliances has mainly focused on indoor living, Philips is bringing the fun to the outdoors too with their new line of connected lights. The models all work in tandem with Philip’s existing systems, so you can control them via an app or through a voice assistant.

Pricing for the oddly-named models range from a decent $30 to a less than subtle $279. The cheapest model is the Hue White PAR38, a 1,300-lumen weather resistant floodlight, which will cost $30 individually or $50 for a pair. Up from there are three three new wall-mounted fixtures: the $50 800-lumen Hue Inara, the $60 800-lumen Hue Lucca, and the $130 2,600-lumen Hue Ludere. At the top of the pack are the Hue Calla and Hue Lily; the former is a 640-lumen path light, and the latter is a 640-lumen outdoor spotlight. The Calla will set you back $130 for a base kit with one light and the power supply, with additional lights for $90 each. The Lily is the most expensive at $280 for a three-light starter kit and extension lights for $80 each.

The Calla and Lily models are able to change colors, meaning they’re ready to match the mood or occasion with access to the full RGB spectrum. The cheaper models are Hue White products so they’re limited to just that.

Philips has stated that the lights are planned for a US and European release around the summertime, perfect for BBQ season. An Australian launch is planned as well, although it may be timed to release later this year when summertime comes around for the bottom half of the world. Pricing for Europe and Australia have yet to be detailed.

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