Philips Hue app syncs your lights with what you’re watching


Smart homes are all about convenience, and Philips Hue has found an imaginative new way to control the lighting in your connected living room. Hot on the heels of integrating Razer’s Chroma lighting system into its ecosystem, Philips has introduced a new technology to sync your lights with anything that you’re looking at on your computer.

The feature will be fully available with the introduction of the Hue Sync application for Windows 10 and macOS, which is scheduled to arrive in Q2 2018. Back in December, Philips Hue launched a software update for its Philips Hue V2 bridge and color-capable lights that added in support on the smart product end, so we’re just waiting for the software application.

The system works by monitoring the content being played back on your computer, be it a video game, movie, or even music. Your smart lighting will then automatically adjust its brightness, temperature, and colors to match what’s on your display. So technically this will work even if you’re scrolling through a webpage or opening up an office document.

Using it in that way might get a little ridiculous, but there’s some interesting potential for creating a more immersive environment when watching a film or playing games, as your room’s ambience reflects what’s on screen. Philips Hue has also opened up Entertainment API and tools to the developer community to try and attract some deeper integration into entertainment applications.

Philips Hue also mentioned than an overhauled version 3.0 of its Hue app for Android and iOS is scheduled to appear in early Q2 2018 as well. The application will offer new features for users to control their smart home lighting with, along with improved setup and integration for new accessories. The redesigned interface will also allow users to instantly access their last used scene, setup group lighting, and select their lighting colors (see image above).

Later in summer 2018, there’s also mention of the company’s first outdoor lighting range, sharing all the familiar customization options. If you’re into customizable smart home lighting, Philips has you covered.

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