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The best Smart coffee makers – what are your options?

DGiTMay 30
Smart Home

What’s the best smart speaker? Apple HomePod vs Google Home vs Amazon Echo

April 10

Nest Secure review – home security made smarter!

March 20
Smart Home

Best Smart Plugs – Plug and Play Smart Home

September 5, 2017

Choosing the right iPad in 2018

Frederick Blichert2 days ago
Each iPad has different features that help it stand out. Want to make sure you're picking the right Apple tablet to suit your needs? That's where this quick guide comes into play.

Google Home vs Amazon Echo – What’s the difference?

A.J. HartlessJuly 6
If you've decided to bring a smart speaker into your home, the two most-likely contenders are the Google Home and Amazon Echo. But, what are the differences?

What is an applock and do you really need one?

Joe HindyJune 12
What is an applock? Do you need one? We can help answer those questions! Here is what an applock really is and whether or not you need one!

7 Common problems with the iPad and how to fix them

DGiTMay 26
Running into some problems with your iPad? Try these fixes.

10 best video editing apps for iPad and iPhone!

Joe HindyMay 2
Video editing is best done on a computer, where you have more resources and stronger components. However, those looking to edit video on their phone or tablet are in luck because it is ...

10 best quiz games for iPhone and iPad

Joe HindyApril 25
Believe it or not, mobile is actually one of the best platform for trivia games. There are tons of options ranging from traditional trivia to different types of quizzes. Here are the ...

Best note taking apps for the iPad

Tab TimesApril 19
Looking to use your Apple tablet for productivity purposes? Why not check out our list of the best note taking apps for iPad. Apple Pencil not required.

What does Applecare cover, and is it worth the buy?

Sean KingApril 18
When you decide to purchase an Apple device you're also going to be faced with a decision about extra coverage. Should you buy AppleCare?

Apple to launch a new Texture-based news app

Derrek LeighApril 17
Apple wants to be the new Netflix of magazines.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus get the (PRODUCT)RED treatment

Derrek LeighApril 9
This time with black bezels instead of white!

Tinder Loops lets you show your true self with a short video clip

Derrek LeighApril 4
Use GIFs to meet the perfect match and get those right swipes.
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