The Mercedes-AMG Project One puts the “hyper” into “hypercar.” In fact, this beast practically deserves a class of its own, a notch above the current crop of hypercars. It’s just that impressive.

Formula One technology: Introduced at the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show, Project One is about as close as you can get to driving a Formula One car without changing your career. It’s also street-legal, though at its top speed of 350 kilometers/hour, you might run out of street pretty quickly.

Mercedes-AMG crammed as much Formula One technology as it could into this monster of a car. The engine, the electric motors, the batteries, even the cockpit, are all taken from Formula One cars, or at least heavily inspired by them.

Smooth criminal: On the outside, Project One features a curvy carbon-fiber body with a multitude of air vents and intakes, that channel air to the engine and batteries. There’s a striking inlet on the roof that morphs into a shark fin, for stability control in turns.

Carbon fiber abounds in other parts of the vehicle, including the wheels and the carbon ceramic brake pads. The interior is also Formula One-inspired – you will probably recognize the iconic rectangular steering wheel with colorful buttons and paddles for shifting gears. More carbon fiber, 10-inch digital displays, and beautifully sculpted seats complete the picture.

Tech specs: The Project One manages to be even more impressive under the hood. There’s a turbocharged 1.6-liter V6 engine, but don’t let the small volume fool you. This baby can easily hit 11,000 rpm, and the only reason it doesn’t go up to 15,000 rpm was the need to keep the engine alive for the lifespan of the car.

An electric motor is built into the turbocharger, in order to eliminate turbo lag and provide additional power. In total, the electric-assisted combustion engine outputs 700 horsepower, but the Project One doesn’t stop there. Two other electric motors add even more brute force, to the tune of 160 horsepower  each, bringing the grand total to almost 1100 horsepower.

This car can hit 124 miles in under six seconds and the top speed is limited at 217 mph. Features like torque-vectoring should help keeping the beast in leash, but it sure helps to know what you’re doing here. There are no fancy autonomous driving systems, no AI to keep an eye on things for you. It’s just you and the machine.

The Mercedes-AMG Project One will be manufactured in only 275 units. And all of them have already been bought.

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