A new report from Variety claims that Warner Bros. Television and the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien are in preliminary talks with Amazon Studios to develop a TV series based on The Lord of the Things fantasy novel trilogy.

Jeff Bezos is getting involved: The report adds that Amazon CEO Bezos is personally involved in these early talks, which makes sense since he is a long-time fantasy and science fiction fan. Officially, none of the parties involved have commented on these reports, and the talks could end up collapsing.

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Part of Amazon’s new TV direction? Even before this new report, Amazon Studios has been rumored to be shifting its focus from making shows that skew towards limited audiences that will win Emmy awards to those that should have a bigger appeal worldwide  A potential Lord of the Rings series would certainly fit in that new direction.

Competing with HBO’s Game of Thrones plans: If a Lord of the Rings TV shows does happen at Amazon, it could be a direct competitor to HBO’s future plans for its hit Game of Thrones fantasy franchise. The main series is currently filming its final season, which could debut on the pay cable TV network in early 2019, but HBO is also developing at least five Game of Thrones spin-off series which might face off with Amazon’s Lord of the Rings show.

Will Peter Jackson be involved? Jackson co-wrote and directed all three of the highly successful (and Oscar-winning) Lord of the Rings feature films, and also co-wrote and directed the three Hobbit prequels for Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema. Variety’s report doesn’t indicate that Jackson will have any involvement in a potential Lord of the Rings TV show, but that could certainly change.

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