AR and VR technology open whole new doors that just weren’t possible a few years ago. Case in point, Lenovo has now introduced “Star Wars: Jedi Challenges”, an AR experience that utilizes a special headset alongside the smartphone of your choice — including iPhones. In  this experience you actually to take on the role of a Jedi, holding a light saber that comes to life thanks to the power of AR. 

The Star Wars: Jedi Challenges experience has a few different modes aside from light saber battles, including a tower defense style game and holo-chess. The headset, light saber, and all other required gear (minus a phone) are bundled together in a package that retails for $199.99. 

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Alli from DGiT had the opportunity to check out the Lenovo-powered Star Wars AR experience, which in our case was powered by the Moto Z2 Force. So what were her thoughts? As a massive Star Wars fan, she was happy to hold a light saber in her hand and really enjoyed the light saber dueling mode. Unfortunately, the rest of the experience wasn’t quite as impressive, due to the lack of clear instructions on how to play the other modes. 

Ultimately she walked away liking the concept but feeling it lacked the polish and instructions needed to appeal to typical Star Wars fans. Be sure to check out her video embedded above and let us know what you think of the new “Star Wars: Jedi Challenges”. 

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