This morning, Netflix treated us to a brand new trailer for season two of Marvel’s Jessica Jones. New episodes were already scheduled to drop on the streaming platform on March 8 (International Women’s Day), so this isn’t a huge shocker — unlike a certain Cloverfield prequel. Nonetheless, this new trailer does give us some fresh hints of what to expect.

So what’s in store for Jessica Jones and Alias Investigations in season two?

An origin story

Like any good film noir sleuth, Jessica’s past is murky. It looks like season two will peel back the curtain a bit though, and give us a glimpse into where she came from and how she became the hard-drinking and harder-hitting reluctant hero we know and love.

Today's trailer suggests that Jessica's powers are a similarly haunting part of her past, one she'll have to revisit to come to terms with who she is.

I’d hesitate to cheer for yet another origin story, but it looks like showrunner Melissa Rosenberg is sticking to what worked the first time around. Season one gave us a powerful arc about Jessica coming to terms with the trauma of her abuse at the hands of Kilgrave. It was a tasteful and thoughtful look at PTSD — and could have easily backfired as cheap and exploitative.

Today’s trailer suggests that Jessica’s powers are a similarly haunting part of her past, one she’ll have to revisit to come to terms with who she is.

Defenders 2.0

The last time we saw Jess, she was fighting alongside Marvel’s other “street-level” heroes in The Defenders. Despite not playing well with others, she does seem to benefit from having folks in her corner. It looks like season two will beef up her entourage, or at least strengthen the bonds she already has.

In the trailer, we hear Jessica’s bestie Trish mention the need for a “sidekick.” She may well be speaking metaphorically, asking her friend to accept help, but she may also be volunteering for the job. We know Trish can handle herself in a fight. It might be nice to see her suit up.

Editor's Pick

Lawyer Jerri Hogarth and lovable neighbour Malcolm are also along for the ride and seem to be filling larger roles this time around. This may not be a Defenders-level team up, but there’s certainly some camaraderie in the air.

New Foes

It’s not entirely clear who Jess is up against, but my money is on someone from her past. There’s a killer on the loose, and Jessica’s looking into other super-powered people who may have been experimented on by the same shadowy figures who gave her her super strength. Seems more than likely that there’s a connection.

Then there’s the new guy in town, looking to buy out Alias Investigations to corner the P.I. market. There’s obvious tension between him and Jess, and she even calls his aggressive business attitude rape-y. Then again, maybe we’re being led on and the two will find themselves teaming up.

An ominous return

The trailer ends on a mysterious note, with an unseen stranger slowly applauding Jessica. I can’t help but think Kilgrave is back. If nothing else, the scene is steeped in purple lighting, Kilgrave’s signature color — he’s even called Purple Man in the comics. Who knows what form his return might take though? Is he back to punish Jessica? Is he just in her head, another remnant of her PTSD? Is the purple light a tease to misdirect us?

I’ll look forward to finding out on March 8.

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