iPhone X screen protectors – here are the best ones you can buy

The iPhone X is the biggest redesign of Apple’s smartphone family in the past several years. Created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first iOS-based phone, the iPhone X does away with bezels in favor of a nearly all-display screen, with a small notch at the top for its front-facing and facial recognition cameras. With such a radical shift in design, the iPhone X screen protectors must also change to fit this new screen.

iphone X screen protectors

There are a range of iPhone X screen protectors to choose from, and some of the more expensive ones are priced above $30. But which ones are the best, no matter what the price. That is what we are going to uncover in this look at the best iPhone X screen protectors you can buy right now.

ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass+ iPhone X Screen Protector

One of the many iPhone X screen protectors from ZAGG, this model is supposed to be the premium model of the line. It’s made of smooth tempered glass in a curved edges design that’s supposed to offer solid screen protection combined with excellent touch sensitivity and image clarity. The ZAGG product will also help prevent fingerprints and smudges on the phone with its oil resistant design. The company also has EZ Apply tabs and its EZ Apply tray to make the application process easy and accurate for the iPhone X. Finally, the screen protector will be replaced for free if it ever gets worn or damaged. 

Normally priced at $39.99, Amazon currently has the ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass+ iPhone X Screen Protector on sale for $32.42.

Pelican Interceptor iPhone X Screen Protector

Here’s another one of the iPhone X screen protectors that will cost more than the normal amount. The Pelican Interceptor uses asahi glass that is submerged in a special bath that is suppose to create a much stronger surface. It’s also just 0.33 mm thick for better image clarity. Finally, it has an oleophobic coating to cut down on smudges. This product also has a lifetime guarantee, which means it will be fixed for free it it ever breaks.

Amazon is currently selling the Pelican Interceptor iPhone X Screen protector for $34.79.

Olixar iPhone X Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Yet another high-end member of the iPhone X screen protectors lineup, the Olixar Tempered Glass Screen Protector has some impressive sounding features. It’s made of a tempered glass that the company claims has a 9H rating, which means it should resist scratches from any material except for  ones made of topaz or corundum.  It’s also has a 2.5D rounded edge which should match the curve of the iPhone X’s screen. Finally, it has a oleophobic coating to reduce the amount of fingerprints and smudges.

The Olixar iPhone X Tempered Glass Screen Protector comes in a twin pack, and is priced at $32.99 from Amazon

Spigen iPhone X Screen Protector

Spigen is best known for their excellent phone cases, including for the iPhone X, but the company makes iPhone X screen protectors as well. In this case, it’s made of 9H tempered glass that’s designed to fit inside nearly all iPhone X cases (including Spigen’s own, we would assume). If you are wondering if they are hard to install, the company claims that it has installation wings that, combined with a video tutorial, should make it simple to place on the bezel-free display.

The Spigen iPhone X Screen Protector comes in a 2-pack and is normally priced at $29.99, but Amazon is currently selling it for the dirt cheap price of $7.99.

Anker KARAPAX iPhone X Screen Protector

Anker is yet another company best know for its smartphone accessories like external battery chargers. Its entry in the iPhone X screen protectors lineup, the Karapax, claims to be even tougher than most tempered glass solution as it is made up of not one but two layers of glass. Anker says this offers twice the protection compared to other models.

The product also includes an alignment frame that’s designed to quickly place the screen protector onto the display of the iPhone X. It only covers the flat portion of the screen, and not the curved edges, while also still offering features like a 9H hardness rating and an oleophobic coating. Normally priced at $20.99, Amazon is currently selling it for $7.99.

Supershieldz iPhone X Privacy Glass Screen Protector

Most iPhone X screen protectors are meant to keep the phone’s screen free of cracks and scratches. However, what if you wanted your screen protected from anyone else who wanted to spy on what you are doing on your phone. The Supershieldz iPhone X Privacy Glass Screen Protector not only keeps the screen free of physical issues, but can keep wandering eyes from seeing what’s on your iPhone X display.

The tinted hardened glass on this screen protector means that only you can see on your iPhone X screen. It also has all of the other cool features in glass screen protectors; a 9H hardness rating, a curved design for the iPhone X’s screen and an oleophobic coating to cut down on fingerprints and smudges. Normally priced at $29.99, Amazon is selling the Supershieldz iPhone X Privacy Glass Screen Protector in a two-pack for just $8.99.

The Poetic entry is not quite as pricey as other iPhone X screen protectors, but it looks like it will still be able to handle its job of keeping your display from any scratches or cracks. The tempered glass protector includes a scratch-resistant coating and is also very thin so there shouldn’t be any issues with the iPhone X in terms of touch screen sensitivity

Poetic iPhone X Screen Protector

The Poetic iPhone X screen protector isn’t as pricey as some of the other brands on this list, but it looks like it can still do its job.  It has a scratch-resistant coating, and it is very thin so there should not be an issue with affecting the iPhone X’s touch screen sensativity. The Poetic protector is supposed to offer high clarity and light  transmittance thought the display, and is supposed to be easy to install. Finally, it has a three year warrenty, which hopefullly will be long enough before you have to trade in the iPhone X for something new.

You can snap up the Poetic iPhone X screen protector right now on Amazon for $9.95.

TOZO iPhone X Screen Protector

Our final entry in our iPhone X screen protectors feature is one made by TOZO. This product has a number of interesting features, including the claim that it has an nanometer thin oil coating that not only prevents smudges and fingerprints, but protects the iPhone X’s display from ultraviolet light. This product also has what TOZO calls 3D Glass Bent Technology, which it claims offers a better fit on the iPhone X’s curved screen compared to others. Finally, the screen protector combined tempered glass with PET (polyethylene terephthalate) materials for even better display security.

The TOZO iPhone X screen protector can be yours, via Amazon, for the price of $11.99.


There are, of course, many more iPhone X screen protectors you can choose from, but we think these are the best you can get right now in preparation for the launch of Apple’s latest smartphone. Which one of these screen protectors do you like the best, or do you prefer one that is not on this list? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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