To no one’s surprise, the iPhone X is hard to get. New Apple flagships are always in high demand, but this year, manufacturing issues might have compounded the problem.

Midnight shopping Apple put the iPhone X on pre-order at 3AM ET (12AM PT) last night, and some customers who stayed up late to buy the phone faced log-in errors for over 10 minutes. By the time they gained access to the online store, the iPhone X was already backordered. In just a few minutes, estimated shipping times slipped from one week, to two or three, or even more. In some regions – notably US, China and Japan – customers that order right now will have to wait at least 5-6 weeks to get their iPhone X. In Europe, where Apple has a smaller following, orders times extend to 2-3 weeks.

Double time Compared to the launches of previous iPhones, the waiting time for the iPhone X is much longer. Two days after the iPhone 7 launched last year, the Apple Store showed waiting times of just 2-3 weeks.

Nobody wants the iPhone 8 It’s increasingly clear that the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are the unwanted middle children of Apple’s lineup. On one hand, people who want the best iPhone are holding out for the iPhone X. On the other, the iPhone 7 or even the iPhone 6 Plus are still good-enough for people that don’t care about shiny new toys.

Still a chance in stores In a rare step, Apple has invited customers to look for the iPhone X in Apple Stores on launch day, November 3. The company said it would have devices in stock at its retail locations, but warned that customers should try to arrive early. It’s almost as if Apple is trying to make sure that people will stand in line for the iPhone X, after years of encouraging people to buy online.

Analysts will be keeping a close eye when Apple announces its earnings on November 2. If the company doesn’t boast that iPhone X pre-orders have surpassed the iPhone 8, it could be a bad sign for its financial results this year.

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