Best car mounts for iPad

Sometimes a phone simply isn’t enough and you want to mount a tablet on your car dashboard. We know there are way too many options securing your iPad in your car, so we have taken it upon ourselves to find the best ones for you. 

We are looking for the perfect balance between price, quality, safety, and style. So if you are looking for a great iPad car mount, you have come to the right place. Shall we get started? 

A word of warning

Mounting a larger screen will offer improved visibility, while the over-sized controls also make for simpler handling. A larger, bright screen could also mean more distractions, though.

Check local laws for operating and displaying devices in the vehicle. Be careful while driving. Your safety and the safety of those around you is a concern, so keep your eyes on the road and drive with caution. 

With that in mind, let’s jump into the best iPad car mount options currently available. 

Dealgadgets suction cup mount

dealgadget suction cup iPad car mount

Capable of holding any mobile device between seven and 10 inches, DealGadget’s suction cup mount is a basic suction cup mount with adjustable angle and clamping tablet holder. A 360-degree swivel ball mount adjusts tablet orientation to suite your needs. At $12.98, it is also a great deal. 

Just keep in mind you are putting a large iPad in there. A device that size may be pretty intrusive, depending on the design of your car’s windshield. Make sure it won’t block your view enough to become a hazard. 

iOttie Easy Smart Tap 2 car mount

iOttie Car mount | Best iPad car mount

The iOttie Easy Smart Tap 2 also uses a suction cup. It’s a higher-quality product for those who need a bit better construction and more flexibility, albeit for $34.95. 

As you can see in the image, this mount can be moved lower to stay out of view. It’s made to be mounted both to the dashboard or the actual windshield. It is also easy to use and looks less like a terminator arm than many mounts. 

Keep in mind this case is made for smaller tablets like the iPad Mini 4. 

Digitl seat bolt car mount

digitl goose neck iPad car mount

Mounting your iPad lower can be better. The Digitl seat bolt car mount goes quite low, bolting a goose neck stem with full 360-degree swivel to the floor of your vehicle. Designed for tablets in the between seven and eight inches like the iPad Mini 4, this mount provides great flexibility and ensures an unobstructed view. It goes for $29.99, but it’s a great option in terms of safety and quality. 

iKross cup holder mount

ikross cup holder iPad car mount

If a cup holder’s not something you need much, the iKross cup holder mount may be a great way to take advantage of unused space. The iKross cup mount holder will handle your phone or your iPad and has simple adjustments, including a 360-degree swivel to get the right orientation for your needs. For $19.99, it is quite a good deal. 

Kebelo M-CD2 magnetic CD slot car mount

Kebelo cd slot iPad car mount

This mount hooks onto another car part you may not be using: the CD player. To many of us, this obsolete tech is nothing but a waste of space. If you have moved on to the 21st century, but your car insists on sticking with the good old days, look no further the Kebelo M-CD2 car mount. It’s $17.99 and goes right into your CD slot. 

Ram Mounts

If you are looking for the ultimate DIY iPad car mount, Ram Mounts has a vast selection of parts available. This lets you choose exactly the pieces you need, from the mount type to the iPad holder style. 

When the one-size-fits-all approach of most iPad car mounts is not good enough for your needs, Ram Mounts lets you build the perfect contraption. There is no shortcut to installation here — you’re going to have to get your hands dirty. Ram Mounts is known for being one of the higher-end mount makers, so expect to pay a higher price for this one. A good iPad car mount would go for at least $60. 

There are hundreds of excellent mounts and designs to choose from, but these are the our favorite iPad car mount options.

What type of in-car mount do you prefer for your iPad? I am a big fan of the CD slot ones. 

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