Intel launches new processors with integrated AMD Vega graphics chips

A few months after Intel announced plans to collaborate with its biggest PC rival AMD, the companies are revealing more information on their big team up. Intel will launch new 8th generation Core processors that will be integrated with AMD’s RX Vega M graphics chips. The goal is to help create thin and light laptops, along with small form-factor desktops, that will also included higher-end graphics for gaming.

So why is Intel teaming up with one of its biggest competitors? Basically, Intel wants to take some of the market share for integrated graphics away from another rival, NVIDIA, and this mashup with AMD’s chips may be a short-term solution to that issue. AMD will feature two versions of its Vega chips in this collaboration; one is the RX Vega M GL, which is designed to be used inside laptops. The other version is the RX Vega M GH, which can be used in smaller form-factor PCs.

Intel claims that a laptop with its AMD graphics solution will be able to weigh a resonable 4.6 pounds, and be just 17 mm thick while still getting up to 9.3 hours of battery life.  Three years ago, Intel says a laptop with such a high-end graphics setup might weigh 7 pounds and have half the battery life. Intel also claims that laptops with the RX Vega M FL chip will outperform a similar laptop with NVIDIA’s GTX 1050 if you play Io Interactive’s Hitman.

All of this sounds great, but of course the proof is in the independent benchmarks. Intel says we should see laptops and other PCs with the AMD Vega chips later in 2018 from companies like Dell and HP.

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