Hulu not working? Here are some ways to fix it

With more than 25 million subscribers in the U.S., Hulu is one of the biggest streaming TV and movie services around. It offers customers classic TV shows and movies, along with a way to catch up on episodes for current shows on ABC, NBC, and Fox. It’s also adding its own original TV shows and films all the time. But what if you want to access the service, and Hulu is not working for you?

Let’s take a look at some possible solutions. After all, you want to get the most of your monthly subscription to the service.

Hulu not working? Make sure you have typed in the correct login and password

Hulu not working for you? This seems logical, but if you cannot sign onto the service, it’s very possible you typed in the wrong login or password for your account. The login is always the email address you used to sign up for Hulu. If you have forgotten your email address for some reason (many people have multiple email addresses, after all), you can contact Hulu’s online support service for help finding it.

It’s more likely you forgot your Hulu account password. If that is the case, you can go to the link below to retrieve your password, or change it to a new one.

Hulu might actually be down

While this is a rare occurrence, it’s possible the service might just be down if it’s not working for you. If you have tried everything to connect, check out the DownDetector site to see if anyone else is having problems connecting to Hulu. It’s also possible there is a problem with your Internet service at home causing the problem, in which case you will need to contact your service provider.

Fix Hulu streaming problems at home

hulu not working

If you find Hulu is not working in your home due to issues with streaming its content, a number of solutions might fix those problems. Keep in mind that Hulu requires at least a 1.5Mbps download connection to work at SD resolution. It needs 3Mbps for content to stream at 720p resolution, and 6Mbps to go up to 1080p resolution. If you own an Ultra 4K TV, you can stream a limited number of shows at that resolution, but only if your connection is at least 13Mbps for downloads.

If you are experiencing problems at home while watching Hulu on your big screen TV or mobile device, you might want to restart your TV, set-top box, game console, or mobile handset to see if that solves the issue. If that doesn’t work, turn off your home router for about 60 seconds, and restart it again to see if that fixes the download stream problems. You can also turn off your modem for up to 30 seconds and restart it. There’s also the option to reinstalling the Hulu app itself, too.

If you are still dealing with streaming issues while watching Hulu, it’s possible your wireless router is in a poor location, and its signals are being blocked. You can try to move it to an area of the home that’s more open. You might also try directly connecting the router to your smart TV, set-top box, or game console for a better streaming experience.

Fix Hulu problems on smartphones and tablets

Hulu is not working

You can do some things if you find Hulu is not working properly for you on Android and/or iOS smartphones and tablets, too. You might find cellular connection speeds not enough for a good streaming experience. In that case, you might try connecting to a Wi-Fi signal. You can also turn Airplane mode on and off again, which sometimes fixes connection issues. If all else fails turn your mobile device off and then back on again. 

You can restart the Hulu app, or uninstall it and reinstall it again, on your smartphone or tablet. You can also try to clear the Hulu app cache to fix issues.

How to clear the Hulu app cache on Android
  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap Applications
  3. Tap Manage Applications
  4. Select Hulu
  5. Tap Clear Cache
How to clear the Hulu app cache on iPhones and iPads
  1. Tap the Menu button in the Hulu app
  2. Open Settings
  3. Tap Clear temporary files

Finally, make sure you have the latest app version for Hulu installed on your mobile device. If you discover that Hulu is not working, it’s possible you hit a bug that’s been fixed in the most recent version of the app.

Hulu Audio is in a different language

Hulu supports a wide variety of languages, but if it gets stuck in a language you don’t speak it can be frustrating. The first thing to check is your device language. If it’s not set to your desired language, it may cause problems with Hulu.

Some shows have several languages options to choose from. Just tap on the gear icon and select the language from the menu. If there are no language options, you may be playing the wrong version of the show. Head back into the menu and check if there are two versions of the same show for separate languages.


If you find Hulu is not working for you on your preferred platform, we hope these tips solve your issue, or at least give you the info you need to understand what’s going on. Hulu not working even after all that? At this point you’re only option is to contact Hulu for further assistance.

If you have any more tips to fix issues with Hulu, let us know in the comments!

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