HTC Vive Pro open for pre-order; will set you back $799

HTC announced their Vive Pro VR headset back at CES 2018. Pre-orders for the device are now live on HTC’s website, and with it comes some good news and bad news. The good news is that the regular HTC Vive has been given entry-level status with a price cut down to $499. The bad news is that the new HTC Vive Pro is being priced at a subtle $799.

More good news, the new Vive Pro comes with some awesome specs. There are dual high-resolution OLED displays, bumped up to a combined, marking a 78% increase from the Vive’s displays. The design is slightly updated for added comfort and features integrated headphones with a built-in amp.

The bad news? The Vive pro will not come with controllers or base stations. So that $799 price tag assumes you already have those things. If not, you’re looking to fork up $130 per controller and $135 per base station. You kinda want those. The pricing scheme reminds me of Microsoft’s decision not to bundle a keyboard and pen with the new Surface Pro, despite the previous models at least including the pen. But I digress.

As for more good news, the regular Vive will still include all of that for you. So you get the a fairly powerful headset, two controllers, and two base stations, all for just $499. Although at least you get a cleaning cloth with the new flagship model. And purchasing the Vive Pro will come with six months of HTC’s Viveport subscription service.

The Vive Pro will ship sometime in April. HTC will announce pricing for a Pro bundle kit sometime soon.

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