How to set up Google Home

So you just got a Google Home, but you’re not quite sure how to set up Google Home? Luckily for you, we’ve gone through the process multiple times at the DGiT loft now. It’s actually pretty easy to do, but in order to help you out, we’ve broken down the Google Home setup process into a number of easy to follow steps.

So how exactly do you do it? Let’s check it out.

1) Plug in your Google Home

You’ll need to set up Google Home through your app, but before you get there, you’ll need to plug it in! Plugging in your device will turn on discoverability for your Home and allow your phone to find it on the network.

2) Download the Google Home App

The Google Home app is crucial for it controlling every aspect of your Google Home. You can use it to update your device, set up Google Home, or launch a number of services directly from the app itself. You’ll be able to launch YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, and plenty of other services, and it can help you discover a huge number of other things you can do with your device. This really is the central hub for everything you need, so make sure you download it first.

3) Connect to Wi-Fi on your mobile device

Make sure you’re connected to the same Wi-Fi network on your phone that you want your Google Home connected to. Your Google Home and phone will use this information to link together, so make sure you get them both on the same network to keep things running smoothly.

4) Launch the Google Home app and follow the steps

When you first launch your Google Home app, it will run you through a number of permissions pages that ask for access to things like your location and Google account. It does this in order to use all the Google Services that the Home can access, so you’ll have to accept all of these if you want to be able to use all of your device’s features. Following the steps carefully is very important if you want to set up Google Home properly.

The app should bring you through the process of finding your Google Home, connecting it to Wi-Fi and selecting your language, as well as choosing the Google account that you’ll want to use with your device. Once you finish the process, you should be all set up, but you’ll want to connect to other services in order to get the most out of your experience.

5) Select your default music service

This is important if you’re planning on using your device as a musical speaker. When you set up Google Home to play certain tracks it will want to access the music from somewhere, so you’ll have to have access to a service that can play any song like Spotify. You can sign in to these services through the Google Home app itself, so you don’t need to worry about doing this through other apps.

And that’s it! Google actually makes the process very easy to follow through the Google Home app, but if you’re still having trouble you can check out the Google Home support page to see all the steps broken down here.

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