One of the most important aspects of any mobile device is the display, and your iPad screen is no exception. Beyond the physical capabilities of a screen, taking control of the various settings can make a world of difference to your device usage. In order to maintain your sanity, let’s take a look at controlling display settings, like brightness and timeout, on your Apple iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3.

Control display brightness

First off, let’s tackle display brightness. The very first time you turned on your iPad Air or iPad Mini you may have noticed that the tablet defaulted to automatically adjusting the display brightness.

Automatic display brightness is a great tool on iOS and Android tablets alike, if it works the way you like it. If not, it is pretty easy to change.

Head into your main system Settings, that’s that grey gear like icon in your app list.

Find Display and Brightness.

In the new right hand settings panel, you will see just a few options, the first of which is the Brightness settings.

Tap the toggle beside Auto-Brightness to turn it off.

Now, slide the dot on the Brightness slider to your desired screen brightness and enjoy your new found power.

Something to keep in mind, the next time you go into the sunlight, or into a dark room, you are probably going to end up having to come back here to change the brightness again. With great power comes great headaches, I mean, responsibility.

Control display timeout

You may have found it odd that the display timeout was not available in the Display and Brightness settings list. There is an important reason for this, extra brightness may kill your battery, but a device that fails to lock itself in a timely manner could present a security vulnerability.

Out of the box, your device will turn off the display and trigger the lock screen after just 2 minutes. If this is not enough time for your needs, rest assured, we can fix that.

Head back into your main system Settings.

This time, look for General in the left hand menu.

Scroll down a short way in the new right hand options panel, you will find an option called Auto-lock.

Although the wording makes it sound as though it is just a security setting, this controls your display timeout as well. Go ahead and change up that value to whatever time suites you best, you know, as long as it is one of the five options that Apple gives you to choose from.

There you have it, folks, a couple quick clicks to get your display under control on your new iPad Air or iPad Mini.

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