Google Home vs Mini vs Max – which is best for you?

While Amazon’s Echo line comes in eight different flavors, the Google Home family keeps things much more streamlined. In short, your choices are Google Home, Google Home Mini, or Google home Max. But which one is the right one for your needs? Great question.

Honestly, it really depends on what you’re looking to get out of your new smart speaker

As far as functionality goes, they all are powered by the Google Assistant, a virtual assistant that is capable of playing music, looking up weather, playing games, controlling your home, and much more — all with just your voice. 


  • Google Home Mini is perfect for someone who wants a casual, affordable way to play around with Assistant. It can do everything the Home and Max can do, the sound quality just isn’t going to blow you away, but it actually gets pretty loud — just don’t expect quality sound behind that volume.
  • Google Home is for those who want a good speaker quality at a great price.
  • Google Home Max is for those who want the absolute best sound quality offered by the Home family, even if it means paying a premium to get it.


Google Home Mini

If you are looking to bring Assistant into your home on a budget, the Google Home Mini is a great choice. The mini does everything it’s bigger brothers do, but at the cost of sound quality. it’s worth mentioning the sound on this speaker is pretty loud – much louder than the Echo Dot – but it lacks in bass and fidelity. Still, if you want a cheap portal to Google Assistant this is a great purchase, and at $50 it’s basically within impulse buy territory.

Reasons to Buy

  • Surprisingly loud audio for such a small and cheap smart speaker
  • All the power of Google Home, at more than half the price

Reasons to Pass

  • You want the richer sound quality found in the more expensive Google Home family

Google Home

A while after Amazon began storming the market with its lineup of Alexa smart speakers, Google introduced its own smart speaker, the Google Home. It’s not just for fans of Google and its Android platform, but anyone else who wouldn’t mind having the power of the Google search engine a mere command away.

Whether you’ve got an entire array of Chromecasts at the helm that you want to control hands-free, or you’re simply looking for a smart speaker to help with every day’s little queries, the first-generation Google Home is both a great music player and a helpful aid. It’s also customizable with a variety of sold-separately bases. Sound quality is also exceptional with the Google Home, easily beating out the Amazon Echo.

Reasons to Buy

  • Excellent audio quality
  • Great price point for the features offered

Reasons to Pass

  • If you are an absolute audiophile, the Max may be a better fit. 


Google Home Max

The Google Home Max is for those who want the best possible sound in a smart speaker. In fact, no other option rivals it, though the Apple HomePod comes the closest. In addition to sporting all the same Assistant-powered features of its smaller brothers, the massive Google Home Max has exceptional bass, strong and loud sound that’s quite rich, and the ability to group two Max speakers together for stereo sound.

Of course you get what you pay for, and the Max isn’t exactly cheap at $399. If you want stereo sound, that means you’re investing basically $800 into your smart speaker setup. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Excellent audio quality that destroys the competition
  • Stereo sound is possible by pairing two Google Home Max speakers together

Reasons to Pass

  • The Max is expensive compared to all other smart speakers
  • If you aren’t an absolute sound buff, the Google Home is going to be more than good enough — while costing considerably less

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