The best Google Home actions worth checking out

The Google Home family of smart speakers are all able to activate features powered by Google Assistant, the company’s AI virtual assistant. Google calls the features that are enabled by Assistant “actions”, similar to the “skills” that can be used by Amazon Alexa-based devices, such as its Echo smart speaker products.

Google says that its Home speakers can perform over a million different “actions” across a wide variety of categories. There are so many, in fact, that Google has set up its own directory of actions so that people can search for the ones they want the most. However, we decided to go ahead and pick what we believe to be the best Google Home actions that we think are well worth checking out.

News and Weather

Google Home actions

Trending News by Google

This will give you the best news headlines that are currently trending on Google search.

  • Hey Google, what’s the latest trending news?

CNN News Briefing

This will give you the top news from CNN

  • Hey Google, play the news from CNN News Briefing.

Fox News

This action will offer the latest news from Fox News

  • Hey Google, play the news from Fox News.

CNBC Tech Check

If you want to keep up with technology news, check out this action from CNBC

  • Hey Google, play the news from CNBC Tech Check.

Weather from Google

Google also has its own weather actions for Google Home

  • Hey Google, what’s the weather?
  • Hey Google, what’s the temperature?
  • Hey Google, what’s the weather tomorrow?

Business and Finance


You can stay on top of the latest business news via CNBC

  • Hey Google, I want to talk to CNBC about the latest news.
  • Hey Google, I want to talk to CNBC about the markets.

Stock updates

If you just want to know about how your individual stocks are doing, Google can do that with this action.

  • Hey Google, What’s Google’s stock price?
Google Pay
If you want to send some money to someone, you can just use Google Home and this action to do so.
  • Hey Google, send $50 to Bill.

Budget Penny

If you need help keeping up with your monthly budget and financies, Budget Penny can be accessed via Google Home.

  • Hey Google, ask Budget Penny my balance.

ATM Finder

Need some quick cash? You can ask Google Home to find the nearest cash machine.

  • Hey Google, any ATMs nearby?


Google Home actions

Google Search

It’s the ulimate way to learn about stuff on the internet. Use this action just like you would if you were typing in a question on the Google website.

  • Hey Google, When is Mother’s Day?
  • Hey Google, when is Sting’s birthday?
  • Hey Google, what is the capital of Kenya?

Unit Conversions

Want to know how many meters there are in a mile? This Google Home action should do the trick

  • Hey Google, how many pounds is in a kilogram?


What to find the meaning of a word? This Google Action will give that info to you.

  • Hey Google, what does abracadabra mean?


Do you need a quick way to find out what something means in another language? Use this Google Home action to solve that problem.

  • Hey Google, what’s “Good morning” in Italian?

Physics Buddy

Need some help to some a physics problem? Then check out this Google Home action.

Hey Google, talk to Physics Buddy to calculate potential energy.


Restaurant Recommendations

Want to find a good nearby restaurant? This Google Home action should be quite helpful.

  • Hey Google, I’m hungry
  • Hey Google, any Italian restaurants nearby?

Recipies by Course

Want to stay home and cook something for your family, friends or just yourself. This simple Google Home action should offer up suggestions.

  • Hey Google, find dinner recipies.

Food Network

If you want to get even more detailed recipies, this Google Home action from the Food Network can help you choose from its own list of over 60,000 choices.

  • Hey Google, ask Food Network for grilled chicken recepies from Bobby Flay.


Want to go to a restaurant, but hate waiting for a table to open up. This Google Home action will set you up ahead of time.

  • Hey Google, reserve a table for 6 pm at Quartino.

Nutrition Facts

Want to learn more info on what you might be eating? This action will offer up some stats on nutrition.

  • Hey Google, how much vitamin C is in an orange?

Google Home Family


Lucky Trivia

Want to start a quick trivia game? Google Home makes it easy with this action.

  • Hey Google, I’m feeling lucky.

Geography Quiz

Want to make sure your geography knowledge is up to speed? Take this Google Home action quiz.

  • Hey Google, Geography Quiz
The Spelling Bee
Care to see if you are the best speller in the room? This action will make that happen.
  • Hey Google, talk to The Spelling Bee.

Chess Mate

Everyone likes a good game of chess, and now you can play a voice-based version of this classic strategy game.

Hey Google, talk to Chess Mate.

Which Avenger Am I?

Everyone would like to be one of Marvel’s Avengers, but which of of these super hero characters are you closest to actually being? This fun quix should help find out.

Hey Google, talk to Which Avenger Am I?


Google Fit

Google’s own fitness app should help you with a long list of actions.

  • Hey Google, track my run.
  • Hey Google, start a bike ride.
  • Hey Google, how many steps did I take today?
Fitness Guide
Want to learn some new exercises? This Google Home action can help you find individual exercises, week-long efforts and more.
  • Hey Google, talk to Fitness Guide.

Info about Diseases

If you think you are feeling unwell, this Google Home action may help you figure out what you might be coming down with.

  • Hey Google, what medications are used to treat cancer?

Health Services Finder

If you need to find a doctor or medical facility, this action might be able to help you out.

  • Hey Google, find medical centers near me.
Which Workout
You can take this fun quiz to discover the specific types of fitness workouts will work best for you.
  • Hey Google, talk to Which Workout.



If you have a Android TV-based smart television along with your Google Home, you can use this nifty action to quickly start playing shows and movies on Netflix.

  • Hey Google, play Lost in Space on Netflix.
Movies and Showtimes
Want to go out to your local movie theaters? This action can help you with which movies are available and at what time.
  • Hey Google, what movies are playing.
  • Hey Google, movie showtimes this weekend.

On Air TV Guide

Want to find out what’s on TV right now over your local channels? This Google Home action will give that info to you.
  • Hey Google, On Air TV Guide what’s on TV tonight
If you have a Spotify Premium subscription, you can use this Google Home action to quickly get some music going on your speaker.
  • Hey Google, play country music
  • Hey Google, play Taylor Swift
  • Hey Google, play Counting Stars

Google Podcasts

Podcasts are the new hotness, and this Google Home action will help you find and play your favorites.
  • Hey Google, recommend a podcast
  • Hey Google, play the latest episode of How Did This Get Made?
Google Maps
You can find your way almost anywhere with this simple Google Home action.
  • Hey Google, navigate to the nearest coffee shop.
  • Hey Google, get directions to 100 Main Street.
Flights and Hotels
If you are traveling via plane, this Google Home action offers info on flights and even helps find hotels to stay at your destination.
  • Hey Google, flights to New York City.
  • Hey Google, find a hotel in New York City.
Need a place to get away, but still near your home. This action will help you find a cool new park.
  • Hey Google, find parks near me.
Sports Facts
Keep up with your favorite sports and teams with this simple Google Home action.
  • Hey Google, how are the Atlanta Braves doing?
  • Hey Google, what are the current NFL standings?

NBA Trivia

If you are a pro basketball fan, you can see if you are as smart as you think you are with this quick Google Home action officially approved by the NBA.
  • Hey Google, talk to NBA Trivia.


Olympic Channel
Want to learn more about the Summer or Winter Olympics? This action will give you your answers.
  • Hey Google, talk to Olympic Channel.
Google Home Mini - Best smart speakers


Google Calendar
If you have your Google Calendar set up to stay on top of your daily activities, this action will help you with those items.
  • Hey Google, what’s on my calendar today
  • Hey Google, what’s my next meeting
  • Hey Google, create an event.
Fetch My Calendar
If you use Microsoft’s Outlook or Office 365 for your calendar, this Google Home action can help you keep track of everything.
  • Hey Google, ask Fetch My Calendar what’s happening today.
You can use this Google Home action to set timers and alarms with tons of options:
  • Hey Google, set a timer for five minutes
  • Hey Google, set an alarm for 7 am
  • Hey Google, wake me up to jazz music.

List Master

If you have a list of things you need to get through, this Google Home action will help you go through those items in order.
Hey Google, talk to List Master.


This Google Home action will remind you of your appointments and events, and can also help you set up new ones.
  • Hey Google, set a reminder.
  • Hey Google, show my reminders.
  • Hey Google, remind me to do the laundry in four hours.
Classic stories
With this simple Google Home action, the speaker will read you, or your children, an all-ages story.
  • Hey Google, tell me a story.
Riddle rooms
This Google Home action will let you explore, via sound, a series of rooms that can be opened by solving riddles. There might also be some other odd stuff to discover.
  • Hey Google, Play Riddle Rooms

Name That Animal

In this Google Home action, you can listen to animal sounds and you, or your kids, can try to identify which animal is making those sounds
  • Hey Google, Talk to Name that Animal
Monster Chaser
Want to check to see if your room is free of monsters before you go to bed? This Google Home action will help out with that.
  • Hey Google, ask Monster Chaser to check for Monsters.
Pony Express
You can take a trip back to the Wild West and become a Pony Express rider in this Google Home action game.
  • Hey Google, play Pony Express
This is just a small fraction of the many, many Google Home actions you can access via Google Assistant. You can browse and search through all of them at the link below. What do you think of our list of the best Google Home actions?
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