Have you ever rushed to a plug to supply some much needed juice to your iPad, but when you inserted the connector, nothing happened? You may have experienced a mini heart attack, but rest assured, we are here to help. Keep calm and read along as we discuss a few troubleshooting tips to try out if you find your iPad is not charging properly.

Before we dive into the big stuff, we first want to check to eliminate all the obvious things that might be causing your iPad to not charge properly. Is your the lightning cable plugged in to your iPad tightly? Is your USB adapter plugged in to the wall? These things happen, just give everything a once over to make sure it is all plugged in. Let’s be honest, the first thing a good technician, a technologically inclined friend, or even an Apple customer service agent is going to do, is ask if you’ve checked your connections and tried a different plugin in your house. Checking them out before you make the call is a good way to keep yourself from looking silly.

If you have made sure you’ve got everything right, but find the iPad not charging, don’t call Apple’s customer service just yet. Here are some troubleshooting tips if you find your iPad is not charging right.

Ipad not charging? The problem could be your adapter

ipad inot charging

The first step in diagnosing any charging problem is to find out what device is causing the issue. To start, try using alternative USB adapters and cables, and if possible, try using the genuine Apple charger that came with your iPad. It should be noted that when plugged in to a desktop computer or a laptop, your iPad does not charge if you are actively using it – look for the text “not charging” right beside the battery icon in the upper right portion of your screen. In this situation, your iPad only charges when your Apple device is idle, or when the screen is turned off.

If changing to a different USB adapter resulted in successful charging of your iPad, congratulations, the problem is just in the power source, which is a lot better than having to replace your iPad itself. In this case, be sure to check out our previous list of best USB adapters for your iPad, and a “charger shootout” between some chargers from notable brands to find out which one charges your iPad fastest.

Now flipping it to the other side of the coin, if you’ve already tried other USB adapters and your iPad still does not charge, I don’t mean to scare you, but we’ve got a problem here. You first would want to verify if the problem is in your Apple device itself. How? If you’ve got another iPad hanging around or know someone who does, try borrowing one for a second and try charging it with your gear. If their iPad charges using the same charger and your unit does not, we have verified that the problem could very much be in your unit itself. Don’t give up just yet, there may still be hope for your iPad.

iPad not charging? Try to restart your iPad

If you find the iPad not charging despite being plugged in, you’ll want to try restarting your device to see if that helps. It is another of those silly little things that sometimes makes all of the difference. I hope that in the process of restarting your iPad, you also consider trying to charge while your tablet is completely turned off.

If you iPad is not charging even now, time to move forward to a few other possibilities.

Restore your backup from iCloud/iTunes

ipad not working

Although it does not happen very often, there could be software glitches in an update released by Apple that could affect your iPad’s charging capabilities. To make sure this is not the case, try restoring a backup you have made. Make sure to use a backup that goes far enough back to a time when your iPad was charging properly, otherwise the software glitch would still be present after you have restored your backup.

If a restore has not fixed your charging problem for your poor little iPad, we’ve got one last step for you to try.

iPad not charging? Perform a hard reset

if the iPad not charging properly, you might want to hard reset

If your iPad is not charging even after all the tips above, this is the ultimate solution to any software related problem. By performing a hard reset, you will be deleting all of your applications, personal data and more from your tablet. Once complete, you get the pleasure of going through the same steps as when you first turned on your brand new iPad. To perform a hard reset: from the home screen, choose Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Contents and Settings.

Another way of resetting your iPad is by simultaneously pressing the power button and home button while your iPad is turned off. As much as possible, do not interrupt your unit while resetting it.

If it still does not work…

Getting support if your iPad doesn't charge

I sincerely hope it does not come to this, but sometimes the best or only solution is to look for help or return your iPad to Apple for repair. If you’ve gone through all of the solutions mentioned above and your iPad still does not charge, it may be time to find the nearest Apple store or hit the iPad Support website, which also includes the local number for you to call to speak with Apple’s customer service. If your device is still covered by Apple’s warranty, all these repairs, and/or mail-ins (if necessary) should be free of charge.

We hope you have not had to follow along most of these troubleshooting tips for when your iPad is not charging, but if you did, were you able to get your Apple tablet charging once again? Is there an alternative solution you’ve tried? Share it with us and the rest of the world in the comments below!

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