With Apple going gung ho on the iPhone X notch design, it’s time we set our sights on the future of the smartphone line. Sales of the X may not have been what Apple hoped for, but the company isn’t exactly ready to give up. Rumors suggest that we should expect three new devices this year of varying sizes, and this may be our first look at the largest of the trio… or at least its display.

First spotted over on MacX forums (now deleted), the photo shows what may be the iPhone X Plus display. Unless the person holding the part has particularly small hands, the screen looks quite bigger than the current iPhone X’s 5.8 inch display. This goes in line with the rumors pointing to a 6.5inch OLED in addition to the standard 5.8inch and a 6.1inch LCD middle child, with LG reportedly supplying some of the displays. That means two premium models and a more midrange device for 2018, with the notch here to stay.

A second photo shows the display and digitizer components together. MacRumors (who managed to save a copy of the photos) points out similarities to how the parts are labeled and with how Apple labels their parts, making it likely that this is an iPhone display. Although, with Android manufacturers seemingly rushing to copy-paste the design, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that this is a completely different device altogether.

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