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Huawei to lose $30 billion in next two years and Google steals lyrics?

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei is anticipating a steep sales decline over the next two years due to its recent U.S. blacklisting, and Google is accused of stealing Genius' lyrics.
5 hours ago

Nintendo’s E3 surprises, and Zuckerberg deepfake tests Facebook

Nintendo has hit E3 2019 out of the park, while a deepfake video featuring the likeness of Mark Zuckerberg asks some questions of Facebook's fake video policies.
5 days ago

Ubisoft and Square Enix storm E3, plus Pixel 4 renders

Ubisoft reveals Watch Dogs Legion, Square Enix reveals Marvel's Avengers: A-Day, and a well-known leaker reveals potential Pixel 4 renders.
6 days ago

E3 2019: Everything that matters including the next-gen Xbox

E3 2019: Xbox, Xbox Scarlett, $, Halo, Doom and... Keanu Reeves?
June 10

Google Stadia isn’t Netflix of games, but I still pre-ordered: here’s why

Google Stadia details: Pro, free, or Founder's Edition. Wait, free? That's unexpected. Here's what's going on.
June 7

Amazon’s new drone with no name, Note 10 renders, and more

Amazon's new drone is very cool and all, but when's it going to deliver a pizza pie to me?
June 6

The Bird Cruiser puts e-scooters to shame, Spotify’s second app, and more

The Bird has a new word: Cruiser, a "seated electric vehicle". Say what?
June 5

Apple’s fine WWDC, fines loom over big tech

Winners: Lots of Apple users! Losers: Those that can't afford a $12,000 new Mac setup.
June 4

New ‘under display’ cameras change smartphones, DGiT Monthly sneak peek!

There's a peek of the future of smartphones, and a peek at our new concept DGiT Monthly!
June 3

DGiT Monthly: The May wrap, looking ahead at June

The first DGiT Monthly is here - let us know what you think!
June 3

Moto Z4: Zzzzz, or a Pixel 3a killer?

If you don't mind Verizon, the Moto Z4 is insane. If you do mind Verizon, the story is very different.
May 31

The newest and fastest ever Ferrari is a plug-in hybrid, and more

Now you'll get beaten at the lights by a silent Ferrari.
May 30
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