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Avengers Endgame spoiler-free reviews, Marsquake, and more

A whole new branch of science has been created with the likely discovery of a Marsquake.
4 hours ago

Samsung Galaxy Fold delayed, Tesla self-driving details, and more

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is on hiatus, Tesla promised all kinds of autonomous vehicle things, and much more
1 day ago

30 years of Game Boy, some Galaxy Fold launch events delayed, and more

The Game Boy turns 30 and is still an important and remarkable device. (Also, Game Boy now has a dog and enjoys craft beer.)
2 days ago

Samsung Galaxy Fail: Folding screen might be too fragile to be sold, just yet

A small number of Galaxy Fold phones have broken. The problem for Samsung is those devices are the ones given to journalists.
6 days ago

iPhone to get 5G soon, next-gen PlayStation hardware revealed, and more

Apple vs Qualcomm? Old news! Now they're friends again, which means 5G is coming to the iPhone, soon.
April 17

Early Galaxy Fold reviews are encouraging for a foldable future

Early reviews say 'unfolding the Galaxy Fold is whoa-worthy,' but is it worthy of your hard-earned?
April 16

The world’s largest ever aircraft took flight, OnePlus 7 launch date, and more

Why does the second coming of the amazing "Spruce Goose" exist?
April 15

Disney+ announced at an aggressively cheap $6.99 a month

We've known for months that Disney would bring out a streaming service. But did anyone expect this?
April 12

Samsung’s flipping camera, Black hole numbers, Assange arrested, and more

Breaking: Julian Assange arrested in London
April 11

Oppo Reno is official with its shark-fin, black hole unveiling today, and more

Oppo has a brand new flagship with strong specs, optical zoom photography, and a surprisingly low price. What gives?
April 10

Why these IKEA x Sonos speaker lamps actually look good

Plus why Russia mess with GPS, the Volkswagen Originalteil, cereal with water, and so much more...
April 9

“OK Google” frustration, Netflix drops AirPlay support, and more

OK Google, when will I not have to say Hey Google or OK Google anymore, please?
April 8
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