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The latest Lenovo smartphone shows us 2019 will be a big year

2019 smartphones will see a bunch of trends that will finally coalesce into great smartphones. Oh, and 5G!
2 hours ago

Harvesting plastic in the ocean is harder than it looks

Oh you think you can just scoop up plastic with a big ol' scoop? Wrong!
1 day ago

The latest hole punch display phone, Millie, and more

The latest hole punch display phone, plus I met Millie the digital assistant.
2 days ago

Bitcoin bomb threats via email go worldwide

Schools were closed, building were evacuated, and it was all just a Bitcoin email scam.
5 days ago

Intel adds another dimension to its CPUs – no, really

Intel goes 3D and it's really happening
6 days ago

Sundar Pichai escapes, but did anybody win?

Sundar Pichai was better than Mark Zuckerberg in front of Congress. But no one really got anything out of the 3.5 hours of hotseat time.
December 12

Those apps you never use are always spying on you

Google+ is red, dead, and with new bugs, has no redemption
December 11

Here’s what your smartphone in 2019 will look like

Today we found out what your smartphone will look like next year. It's not great, but is it better than the notch?
December 10

Microsoft switches to Chromium, and web browsers get a little less diverse

Microsoft is making the switch for its Edge web browser, ditching its own engines for that of open-source Chromium
December 7

OnePlus won’t be first, and Facebook’s unravelling

Facebook's inner most secrets emerged from 250 pages of documents released by UK Parliament. It's not pretty.
December 6

The details on the latest Snapdragon, and how DuckDuckGo got Google wrong

DuckDuckGoesWrong was the other headline idea.
December 5

Tumblr goes SFW, and the next Snapdragon is leaked

Have you ever paid millions for a business and then decided to kill it because you're afraid of Apple? Meet Tumblr's owner, Verizon.
December 4
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