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The Oppo Reno 2 is coming this month and it’s all about that zoom.

Does "real" 20x zoom mean anything in a smartphone? The Oppo Reno 2 will explain, later this month.
1 day ago

The smart speaker market is thriving and Amazon is the leader, and more

Even Apple is selling more HomePods.
2 days ago

A new HTC phone not made by HTC, OnePlus TV is called just that, and more

HTC is not back. Even if the HTC Wildfire X is, for some reason.
3 days ago

Tumblr sold for a 99.7% loss, 100MP hype falls short, and more

Step 1: Buy a social media platform Step 2: ??? Step 3. Sell it for peanuts and claim you made a great deal with a great partner!
4 days ago

LG G8X leaks, US Navy drops touchscreens, and more

LG leaks: There's an LG G8X in there, and a V60 as well?
5 days ago

Huawei unveils its Android replacement, Vodka from Chernobyl, and more

Huawei has unveiled its long-awaited operating system: HarmonyOS is here, and will it replace Android?
August 9

The new Note 10 series marks a change from Samsung, Apple’s ASMR, and more

Is this device noteworthy? Should you take note? Lots of questions, no more puns - promise!
August 8

Galaxy Note 10 launch day, Disney+ bundle for $12.99, and more

Samsung's workhorse Galaxy Note series reaches the big number 10 milestone today, while Netflix must be a little bit worried...
August 7

LG’s up to something with IFA announcement, Tesla’s “Project Dojo,” and more

The next LG flagship has a launch date, and let's hope LG is up to something good.
August 6

OnePlus admit camera benchmarks mean nothing, and more

While the OnePlus 7 Pro scored highly in DxOMark benchmarks, owners have found the experience is much worse in real life.
August 5

Your Siri and Google recordings are safe from human ears, for now

Siri was listening, which is fine. As were humans, which was not fine. But Apple has stopped the humans for now.
August 2

Samsung comes again at the tablet market, Google tests Play Store all-you-can-eat, and more

The Galaxy tab S6 is here, it's thinner, faster, lighter, and dangerously expensive.
August 1
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