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OnePlus Nord specs and pricing details, Note 20 image leaks, and more!

We're finally getting some concrete details on the OnePlus Nord, plus a sneak peak of the Galaxy Note 20.
1 day ago

India bans TikTok (again), YouTube bans white supremacists, and more!

You get a ban, and you get a ban! Everyone gets a ban!
3 days ago

Big self-driving and EV tech news, 👁👄👁, and more

It is what it is.
June 26

Best look yet at the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, and more

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will have it all, but can it be good enough?
June 25

OnePlus Nord looks all-but official for July, and more

OnePlus goes... north?
June 24

Apple Silicon, WWDC 2020, what it means, and more

That was a breakneck speed WWDC keynote.
June 23

WWDC 2020 kicks off today for Apple (and Intel?), and more

WWDC 2020: ARM, iOS 14, iPhoneOS, and much more ahead,
June 22

The problem with Ford’s Mustang ‘hands-free’ promise, and more

Ford goes hands-free and yeah sure that won't lead to any troubles at all.
June 19

Zoom backtracks and works on encryption for all, and more

Zoom goes free-for-all E2EE, but not all is well in the world of Zoom.
June 18

5G in cheaper phones within months, fresh App Store scrutiny, and more

Apple scrutiny, and 5G is coming to even budget devices, it looks like.
June 17

HTC is back but oh-boy-not-like-this, and more

HTC's lack of ambition is for a reason. We just don't know what.
June 16

A new BTS-themed Galaxy S20 Plus means records are breaking, and more

BTS and Samsung, together at last.
June 15
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