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How Huawei made 10x optical zoom on a smartphone, and more

The P40 keeps taking camera tech further, but is anyone going to buy?
2 days ago

Weathering the lockdown with good tech news, Triscuit, and more

Triscuit. Three biscuits or something right? Wrong.
3 days ago

2020 iPad Pro reviews are out: the good and bad, and more

Today's a good day for anyone who already owns an iPad!
4 days ago

Xiaomi’s latest and greatest smartphone (if you can get it), and more

Mind you, this might be the first time Xiaomi hasn't delivered an affordable flagship
5 days ago

Apple’s AirPower wireless charger may not be dead yet, and more

AirPower is back! Or at least, hasn't gone anywhere yet.
6 days ago

YouTube, Netflix cut video quality in Europe, and more

Coming to you with 25% less data used...
March 20

New things: iPad Pro gets a cursor, MacBook Air gets a usable keyboard, PlayStation 5 news, and more

New things! Finally!
March 19

Location data may be tapped for COVID-19, and more

Wash your hands, give the government your location data
March 18

Xbox tech details unveiled, more iPhone 9 details, and more

The next Xbox looks genuinely exciting!
March 17

Tesla trails Waymo says report, Apple’s big COVID-19 decisions, and more

Interesting things are still happening.
March 16

Apple’s patent to stop peeping, Lego Super Mario, and more

Apple goes beyond a screen cover with gaze tracking.
March 13

Europe pushes hard on electronics repairability, and more

A European Green Deal
March 12
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