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Apple isn’t taking on Netflix, Facebook’s plain text password problem

Apple looks set to release a new entertainment marketplace alongside $2b of its own content. Bundle time? Oh, and your Facebook password wasn't exactly ever secure...
2 days ago

Dyson’s new home products: a little smarter, longer lasting, still pricey

New handheld vacuum with a better battery and display, an ambient lamp, and personal air purifier. And a high price tag!
3 days ago

Google Stadia: Here’s the good, the bad, and the questions

Google released its game streaming service Stadia, but didn't have much more to show than technical details. Yo Google, where's the games?
4 days ago

The Google Pixel 3a is the Pixel Lite, coming soon

The Google Pixel 3 Lite has a name. It is '3a' for some reason.
5 days ago

Apple and Spotify spat continues, skateboarder runs for president

Spotify and Apple continue trading blows regarding Apple's iOS fees and practices. But who's in the right?
6 days ago

Tesla Model Y is the electric crossover you’ve been waiting for

Model Y is Tesla’s first mass-market SUV and it’s coming in the nick of time.
March 15

Pi day! Android Q, Facebook outage, and more

Android Q has been released, and aside from all the developer tweaks, there's real changes being found right now.
March 14

Spotify launches anti-Apple site, Nokia 9 PureView reviews hit

Spotify has gone with the nuclear option against Apple - while the Nokia 9 PureView just isn't good
March 13

Apple’s March 25th ‘show time’ event now official

Apple's invitation to Hollywood is now official, and that means Apple TV and Movies is right around the corner. Officially. So how much?
March 12

Don’t mock Google’s gaming hardware, it’s only a mockup

Everyone had fun with the images of the Google gaming console controller that did the rounds. Except, it's not at all real.
March 11

Airbnb acquires HotelTonight – the end of the fight against hotels?

Airbnb is now offering hotel rooms. That's a huge departure for a company that was waged war on hotels across the globe.
March 8

What you need to know about Facebook’s privacy shift (and what we don’t know)

If Mark Zuckerberg is serious, Facebook as we know it is going to transform drastically. So how can it still make money?
March 7
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