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Google’s problems handling patient medical data, and more

Big Google is scary, but providing Google Cloud services looks more benign than the headlines suggest.
4 minutes ago

Long may password sharing continue

Share your password freely, because cable companies and Netflix et al. seem to be powerless
24 hours ago

Zombie texts confusion, 1000 Starship flights to Mars, and more

If you got a weird text, or had friends asking you why you texted them, blame Syniverse. Wait, who? What?
4 days ago

Airbnb (now) offers trust, and more

Airbnb's 11 year run of platform freedom is over. Starting next month. Sort of.
5 days ago

AT&T’s “unlimited” lie, and more

AT&T loses less than a day's profit and who said corporations aren't lawless entities?
6 days ago

Microsoft’s Surface Pro X has problems, and more

It's like Batman, one review says. But not the good Batman.
7 days ago

DGiT Monthly: October wrap, and November sneak peek

This is your DGiT Monthly wrapping the tech world in October, and getting set for November and the start of silly season...
November 1

Flip-foldable Moto Razr images leak, and more

That's a nice sharp looking Razr. Sorry.
November 1

Still life in the smartphone biz: Samsung, Apple, and even Huawei beat expectations

Life's good for smartphones, unless you're LG or Sony.
October 31

Samsung’s vertical fold, Amazon Echo Buds reviews, and more

Samsung teases, and can Echo Buds become your best bud?
October 30

Google and Fitbit, new Apple AirPods Pro add ANC, and more

Ok there's too much happening all of a sudden.
October 29

Pixelbook Go reviews reveal more Google pricing problems, and more

It's a fine Chromebook, but it's at a price point that makes no sense.
October 28
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