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Here’s what your smartphone in 2019 will look like

Today we found out what your smartphone will look like next year. It's not great, but is it better than the notch?
3 hours ago

Microsoft switches to Chromium, and web browsers get a little less diverse

Microsoft is making the switch for its Edge web browser, ditching its own engines for that of open-source Chromium
3 days ago

OnePlus won’t be first, and Facebook’s unravelling

Facebook's inner most secrets emerged from 250 pages of documents released by UK Parliament. It's not pretty.
4 days ago

The details on the latest Snapdragon, and how DuckDuckGo got Google wrong

DuckDuckGoesWrong was the other headline idea.
5 days ago

Tumblr goes SFW, and the next Snapdragon is leaked

Have you ever paid millions for a business and then decided to kill it because you're afraid of Apple? Meet Tumblr's owner, Verizon.
6 days ago

Google Play’s best of 2018 seems more like a fail

Google Play’s best of 2018 seems more like a fail, with awards given to those that have already scooped the pool.
December 3

Netflix drops ‘Daredevil’ as Disney+ gets closer

The streaming wars of the past won't look like much compared to the streaming wars that are coming. Marvel's Netflix collaboration is the first casualty.
November 30

Say hi to Google fi, and restuarant owners’ noisy money making secret

Google Fi for iPhone, and many many Andorid smartphones. Finally! Also, the louder the restaurant, the more you spend - what gives?
November 29

The Google Pixel Slate problem, and H2O

The Google Pixel Slate can be purchased from today, and reviews are hitting the web. But no one's raving about the software, and they are raging against the price. Also, water!
November 28

Mars InSight gets it done, and your next smartphone might have a hole

Mars InSight has landed, beating the odds. Plus, your next smartphone might have a hole instead of a notch
November 27

🚀 NASA Mars landing happens live today

It's happening! The Mars Insight Lander hopes to gentle touchdown on Mars' surface today.
November 26

Black Friday: OnePlus, Pixels, and Samsung phones are some of the best

Quick there's no time: Black Friday deals, right now
November 23
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