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Galaxy Note 10 on August 7, touchscreen-less cars, and more

We're going back to Barclays with a potentially controversial phone, and much much more. Including more France thoughts from me.
8 hours ago

Facebook announces Libra, the future of money?

Send money and buy things with money you give to a Facebook-founded foundation to turn into cryptocurrency. What could go wrong?
1 day ago

Huawei to lose $30 billion in next two years and Google steals lyrics?

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei is anticipating a steep sales decline over the next two years due to its recent U.S. blacklisting, and Google is accused of stealing Genius' lyrics.
2 days ago

Nintendo’s E3 surprises, and Zuckerberg deepfake tests Facebook

Nintendo has hit E3 2019 out of the park, while a deepfake video featuring the likeness of Mark Zuckerberg asks some questions of Facebook's fake video policies.
June 12

Ubisoft and Square Enix storm E3, plus Pixel 4 renders

Ubisoft reveals Watch Dogs Legion, Square Enix reveals Marvel's Avengers: A-Day, and a well-known leaker reveals potential Pixel 4 renders.
June 11

E3 2019: Everything that matters including the next-gen Xbox

E3 2019: Xbox, Xbox Scarlett, $, Halo, Doom and... Keanu Reeves?
June 10

Google Stadia isn’t Netflix of games, but I still pre-ordered: here’s why

Google Stadia details: Pro, free, or Founder's Edition. Wait, free? That's unexpected. Here's what's going on.
June 7

Amazon’s new drone with no name, Note 10 renders, and more

Amazon's new drone is very cool and all, but when's it going to deliver a pizza pie to me?
June 6

The Bird Cruiser puts e-scooters to shame, Spotify’s second app, and more

The Bird has a new word: Cruiser, a "seated electric vehicle". Say what?
June 5

Apple’s fine WWDC, fines loom over big tech

Winners: Lots of Apple users! Losers: Those that can't afford a $12,000 new Mac setup.
June 4

New ‘under display’ cameras change smartphones, DGiT Monthly sneak peek!

There's a peek of the future of smartphones, and a peek at our new concept DGiT Monthly!
June 3

DGiT Monthly: The May wrap, looking ahead at June

The first DGiT Monthly is here - let us know what you think!
June 3
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