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LG V60 is the next 5G phone in 2020, and more

The V60 has a lower display resolution that than V10 in 2015, but what really matters in 2020?
22 hours ago

Big tech struggles with ongoing Coronavirus fallout, and more

Public Enemy and space shuttles, together at last and without copyright
2 days ago

Amazon’s first full-blown cashierless grocery store is here

5,000 items, no checkout.
3 days ago

Sony goes for Mk II, and more

Sony's tall boyes are back
4 days ago

Best green tech bets for Bezos $10B, and more

This is our sun. Just another star in a sea of stars.
7 days ago

It’s Android 11 time already, and here is what is new and coming soon

Android 11 is out! Well, the very early buggy preview, anyway.
February 20

SpaceX’s new orbital joyrides for tourists, and more

Sub-orbital is for the poor.
February 19

Apple’s coronavirus profit warning is a big moment, Bezos bucks, and more

Is Apple the canary in the coronavirus fallout?
February 18

What is flexible ultra thin glass anyway?

Glass ain't glass, sometimes
February 17

Sony’s PS5 pricing problem, and more

Is the PS5 too ambitious?
February 14

No more MWC, Essential finished, what next cruel world?

No MWC, but those phone launches will still happen somewhere?
February 13

Galaxy S20 launch news and views, Z Flip’s flourish, and more

The S20 ain't cheap, but it's as premium as it gets
February 12
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