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Note 10 reviews hit, iPhone ‘Pro’ models all but confirmed, and more

Reviews say the Note 10 is not the Note you know... is that a good thing?
2 days ago

Google’s big new Android rebrand is live

Android is still Android, but it's modern, fresh, and there's no more desserts.
3 days ago

Neo’s back in a fourth Matrix film, and more

There's good Matrix news, there's bad Matrix news, but hopefully it all comes together...
4 days ago

New details revealed: Disney+ vs Apple TV+ doesn’t even look close

Hey Siri, how much is Apple charging for Apple TV+ again?
5 days ago

New alliance tackles Android filesharing without Google, and more

Three of China's biggest manufacturers teaming up to create a filesharing alliance isn't a gamechanger, but it does tell us something new...
6 days ago

The Oppo Reno 2 is coming this month and it’s all about that zoom.

Does "real" 20x zoom mean anything in a smartphone? The Oppo Reno 2 will explain, later this month.
August 16

The smart speaker market is thriving and Amazon is the leader, and more

Even Apple is selling more HomePods.
August 15

A new HTC phone not made by HTC, OnePlus TV is called just that, and more

HTC is not back. Even if the HTC Wildfire X is, for some reason.
August 14

Tumblr sold for a 99.7% loss, 100MP hype falls short, and more

Step 1: Buy a social media platform Step 2: ??? Step 3. Sell it for peanuts and claim you made a great deal with a great partner!
August 13

LG G8X leaks, US Navy drops touchscreens, and more

LG leaks: There's an LG G8X in there, and a V60 as well?
August 12

Huawei unveils its Android replacement, Vodka from Chernobyl, and more

Huawei has unveiled its long-awaited operating system: HarmonyOS is here, and will it replace Android?
August 9

The new Note 10 series marks a change from Samsung, Apple’s ASMR, and more

Is this device noteworthy? Should you take note? Lots of questions, no more puns - promise!
August 8
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