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Would you want an Apple-issued credit card?

A scoop suggests Apple is introducing a credit card - what will that mean for us, Apple, and banking?
1 day ago

The first foldable: Samsung Galaxy Fold

Four new Galaxy S phones including 5G, plus a foldable device! Samsung is back, and it's ahead of the curve.
2 days ago

Vivo and Xiaomi’s new phones, as Samsung hits launch today on the S10

Two new smartphones have launched before the big Samsung Galaxy S10 launch. Which is just ahead of all the MWC launches over the next week!
3 days ago

New report accuses Huawei of cloning Apple parts

Sham interviews, employee bonuses, internal websites dedicated to reporting stolen information, and more detailed in a new report
4 days ago

TCL first-gen foldable phone that bends into a smartwatch

Also: just as the foldable smartphone generation appeared to be getting started, LG has decided to put their effort on hold
5 days ago

MWC 2019: Interesting smartphones should make a triumphant return

MWC 2019: Actually unmissable if you're into smartphones, for a change
February 15

Apple asks out Hollywood, Opportunity lost, and more

Now we know Apple is looking like it will also be launching a streaming video service on March 25th, plus the wrap from NASA's Opportunity send-off.
February 14

The (coming) Apple news subscription service might actually hurt publishers

Apple, the world's richest company, is flexing on publishers to try and seek more than 50 percent of revenue from a new subscription servcice. Publishers hate it.
February 13

Amazon and Eero: smart homes might have gotten easier, but not everyone is happy

If you'd set up your home with Eero already, you might not have been impressed about Amazon's new acquisition. For average consumers, though, it's a win.
February 12

AR is coming to Google Maps. Right now, if you’re lucky.

If you're one of the first to try the new Google Maps AR, finding your way around while on foot is going to get easier.
February 11

Jeff Bezos fights revealing blackmail, by revealing more than we’d expect

The tale of the billionaire vs alleged blackmail and extortion is one for the ages
February 8

Samsung’s not-so Supreme partnership finally ends

Remember back in December, when Samsung proudly announced it was launching the Galaxy A8S, and that it was partnering with “Supreme"? Yeah, not so much.
February 7
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