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Netflix suffers in the golden era of streaming, massive vitamin study, and more

Netflix lost subscribers for the first time in 8 years and that's a pretty big worry when your business is built on growth.
3 hours ago

Neuralink: Elon Musk’s company working on brain attachments to boost your mind

Ol' Musky really knows how to get inside our heads
1 day ago

The new fastest chip for Android flagships, Apollo 11 celebrations, and more

Qualcomm just lifted the lid on its fastest ever smartphone chip: the 855 Plus
2 days ago

Prime Day 2019 means deals, and more

Even Apple gear is on sale.
3 days ago

Top 3 smartphones, Area 51 “raid”, and more

Which phone to buy if you want a headphone jack, and how 400k memers want to explore Area 51
6 days ago

The new Switch Lite is handheld only, but also $100 off

Save $100 on a Switch! Except you can't plug it into your TV.
July 11

HBO Max: And you thought streaming services had hit the max?

Another Netflix/Hulu/Disney+, and there was no rejoicing.
July 10

How the Internet was accidentally spared from its worst ever cyberattack

It's probably not an overstatement to say the internet was saved, and has been ever since.
July 9

Federal agencies and your face, fresh Pixel 4 XL details, and more

Facial recognition, giant databases, free-rein for federal agents - what could go wrong?
July 8

What’s up with Windows 1.0, DGiT Intelligence, and more

If this is about Stranger Things, we've going to be mad.
July 5

Samsung reportedly completes Galaxy Fold redesign: Here’s how it was fixed

A little gap filler, hinge-realignment, and film-stretching, and the Galaxy Fold is back, say reports. More or less, anyway.
July 3

Tim Cook claps back, Note 10 date official, and more

Apple CEO Tim Cook called reported absurd, but the journos and the paper are sticking by the reports.
July 2
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