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AMD drops a genuine shock on Intel in laptops, and more

AMD has given me energy today.
8 hours ago

OnePlus 8 news including a OnePlus Z rumor, and more

OnePlus is at it again with the news drips and leaks.
1 day ago

How Huawei made 10x optical zoom on a smartphone, and more

The P40 keeps taking camera tech further, but is anyone going to buy?
4 days ago

Weathering the lockdown with good tech news, Triscuit, and more

Triscuit. Three biscuits or something right? Wrong.
5 days ago

2020 iPad Pro reviews are out: the good and bad, and more

Today's a good day for anyone who already owns an iPad!
6 days ago

Xiaomi’s latest and greatest smartphone (if you can get it), and more

Mind you, this might be the first time Xiaomi hasn't delivered an affordable flagship
March 24

Apple’s AirPower wireless charger may not be dead yet, and more

AirPower is back! Or at least, hasn't gone anywhere yet.
March 23

YouTube, Netflix cut video quality in Europe, and more

Coming to you with 25% less data used...
March 20

New things: iPad Pro gets a cursor, MacBook Air gets a usable keyboard, PlayStation 5 news, and more

New things! Finally!
March 19

Location data may be tapped for COVID-19, and more

Wash your hands, give the government your location data
March 18

Xbox tech details unveiled, more iPhone 9 details, and more

The next Xbox looks genuinely exciting!
March 17

Tesla trails Waymo says report, Apple’s big COVID-19 decisions, and more

Interesting things are still happening.
March 16
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