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60 Space X Starlink satellites go to work, a Sweet win for The Verve

Starlink reaches the stars, the rocket lands on a droneship, and this is the 2019 we deserve.
14 hours ago

Google Duplex AI is far more human than we knew

If humans make a bunch of calls to train AI, is it really AI?
2 days ago

Apple’s new Macs, Huawei’s new hardware troubles

Huawei troubles turn to its chips, and Apple's fourth time lucky fixing the MacBook Pro keyboard?
3 days ago

US lifts Huawei ban, but only a bit, and only for a bit

The U.S. has lifted its Huawei restrictions, but it's only a temporary measure, and it comes with some caveats.
4 days ago

Huawei blacklisted by Google, Intel, Qualcomm, and more

Huawei has immediately lost significant access to Android and Google
5 days ago

Fierce rivals Sony and Microsoft strike rare gaming partnership

Microsoft and Sony, major rivals in the video game console market, are joining forces to develop game streaming technologies.
May 17

White House targets Huawei, lends hand to banned influencers

President Donald Trump has declared a national emergency over IT threats and has made it even more difficult for Huawei to trade in the U.S.
May 16

The OnePlus 7 Pro show

OnePlus launched its new smartphone lineup yesterday including the loud-and-proud OnePlus 7 Pro. This what you need to know.
May 15

New foldable display laptop, Apple’s very bad day, and more

Lenovo's new ThinkPad family prototype looks wild.
May 14

The next space race: SpaceX internet satellites are go this week

60 satellites makes for a big SpaceX moment this week. Plus Google's car crash technology, and more.
May 13

Google I/O 2019 goes out with a fizzle

Why did Google I/O start with a bang and then become just a bit ho-hum?
May 10

Samsung’s 64MP smartphone camera is coming soon, but why?

The megapixels wars continue with Samsung's new hardware that pushes smartphones cameras further, but in the right direction?
May 9
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