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Huawei Mate 30 Pro: The phone without Google, 72-hours in

If your supercar doesn't have any fuel, is it still useful because it looks good?
22 hours ago

Huawei reveals Mate 30 series as Apple releases iOS 13

Huawei has launched the Mate 30 series, featuring exemplary hardware, and one great big problem.
4 days ago

Facebook Portal TV brings video calling to the biggest screen in your home

Facebook has introduced its new Portal range, including Portal TV, a device that brings video calling to the biggest screen in your home.
5 days ago

The iPhone 11 verdict is in: It’s a winner

The iPhone 11 reviews are out, and they're overwhelmingly positive. Check out what the experts are saying!
6 days ago

Pixel 4 launch date confirmed, but the beans have been spilled

Google's latest flagship phones will be announced next month, but really we already know everything about them.
7 days ago

Pundits fight it out: Who’s right about the iPhone 11’s lack of 5G?

Today we look at the controversy around the iPhone 11's lack of 5G, the leaked Mate 30 Pro, Microsoft's next Surface and more!
September 16

Apple’s A13 monster CPU benchmark, which Smart Display is best, and more

Hey ho, it's Smart Display day!
September 13

People already have the Pixel 4 and now there’s reviews in 4K on YouTube

Pixel 4 leaks have become crazy ridiculous, but the good news is it does look like a nice device!
September 12

Apple’s pricing surprise with iPhone 11, but real innovation found in clues

Apple isn't exactly giving away the new iPhone 11, or Apple TV+, but pricing did surprise many. And what about these little hints picked up?
September 11

The antitrust suit against Google, launch day for Apple, and more

Apple's big day is here, but the Google antitrust case is likely to have more impact on us over the years...
September 10

Stuck waiting on-hold? Google might wait for you, as soon as next month

No more elevator music, no more waiting on speakerphone, and AI really is the future.
September 9

Facebook Dating, new smartphones galore, Pixel 4 90Hz, Apple Music web, and much more

Today's Round Up is the longest in history!
September 6
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