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Uber’s self-balancing scooters probably won’t work, DJI’s own staff steal $150m, and more

Self-driving scooters and bikes sound great. Except they won't work, say the experts.
10 hours ago

Google buys secret wearable tech for $40m, but don’t bet on a Pixel Watch

So if Google is spending $40m on new wearble technology, but it's also sharing the technology with anyone using its software, what is it, exactly?
3 days ago

Razr returns as a foldable smartphone, Samsung and Google leaks, and more

A new Razr phone! Yes, it's $1500, and yes it's only on Verizon.... wait, what's good about this?
4 days ago

Snapdragon 855 benchmarks show encouraging signs for 2019 flagships

Qualcomm's latest chipset has been benchmarked, with some huge leaps in performance. All the details on what that really means, inside.
5 days ago

If Apple can’t offer 5G in 2019, will rivals get the jump?

It looks less and less likely that we'll see an Apple iPhone with 5G in 2019. Meanwhile, Android OEMs are rushing 5G smartphones to market in the coming months...
6 days ago

RIP USB-C audio, but now the headphone jack might be back

USB-C audio has been surprisingly yet consistently awful. No one's buying them, and at CES 2019, we found not one's making them, either.
January 14

Ring security reports are not good, unless you like employees watching live feeds

It seems Ring reportedly gave employees access to customer video feeds: live, and historical. Which is bad, because so many reasons.
January 11

Xiaomi’s just made life tough for everyone else (again)

Xiaomi's new phone is cheaper than replacing the glass on your flagship. The new Redmi Note 7 is really quite something.
January 10

Google’s big CES announcements – Alexa who?

Google is on the front-foot at CES, but if you dig into their big announcements, it's all a bit.... boring?
January 9

Samsung and LG show worrying revenue falls

The South Korean electronics giants aren't exactly a picture of health...
January 8

Apple + Samsung = 📺 and we’re all surprised

Who'd have thought the CES attention grabber would be Apple partnering with Samsung for more TV content?
January 7

The slowdown isn’t just Apple, or China

Is it a big deal? Why are we all shouting?
January 4
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