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How to stream Netflix 4K and HDR content

Frederick Blichert7 days ago
The Best

Retro look back: The 15 greatest NES games of all time

April 11
Smart Home

The best Smart coffee makers - what are your options?

7 days ago

The best HBO series – Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, and more

Ankit Banerjee1 day ago
The HBO cable TV and streaming service has a variety of original shows to watch, and these are some of the best HBO series you can watch.

Facebook data breach may have included private Messenger chats

Derrek LeighApril 10
The fire just keeps growing.

What’s coming to Netflix in April

Anthony HaytMarch 30
Check out which of your favorites are coming back and what new content the streaming giant has in store.

Altered Carbon is an instant tech-noir classic

Anthony HaytMarch 27
Blending classic noir tropes with the best cyberpunk, Altered Carbon holds its own in the big leagues.

Confirmed: Deadpool 2 will introduce Marvel’s X-Force

Frederick BlichertMarch 22
Check out what we know so far, including Terry Crews' mystery role revealed.

Is the Social Media Reckoning Upon Us?

Anthony HaytMarch 1
Misinformation, poor monitoring, and several other issues have us wonder if it's time for social media to make a change.

New Orleans police used predictive policing tech without telling anyone

Frederick BlichertMarch 1
Smarter policing or dystopian nightmare?

We have seen the future, and its tech is pretty cool

Frederick BlichertFebruary 20
Move over, sci-fi, we've got a list of the coolest future tech to get excited about.

Transparent’s Jeffrey Tambor fired following sexual harassment investigation

DGiTFebruary 15
Amazon has officially fired Transparent star Jeffrey Tambor after an investigation into accusations made against him.

Original Stitch uses AI to make custom tailored shirts… if they can get it right

DGiTFebruary 6
Original Stitch originally employed AI to analyze pictures allowing customers to get custom tailored shirts without having to get measurements taken. It's a great idea, but ...

Black Mirror isn’t about tech, it’s about tech’s social implications

DGiTFebruary 5
Black Mirror is a sci-fi show that is all about tech and the potential horrors and pitfalls it brings. More important, the show is all about the social implications behind the tech.
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