Video editing is usually associated with high-end machines, expensive equipment and expert knowledge, but times are changing. Even mobile devices have enough power to handle some editing. These are also becoming accessible gadgets plenty of us can afford. And most importantly, software is now amazingly powerful and user friendly.

We have already shown you what an iPad can do in our Pinnacle Studio Pro app review, but that is not the only video editing app around. There’s a plethora of video editing apps for iPhone and iPad around, and we have curated a list of our very favorite ones. Whether you just want to put some home videos together, edit your YouTube clips or create something elaborate, you will likely find something here.

Shall we get started?

Pinnacle Studio Pro

Pinnacle Pro Studio-5

Let’s start with this one, as it happens to be my personal favorite and one of the most popular of its kind. Pinnacle Studio Pro is known as a professional tool. You can learn more about it in our full Pinnacle Studio Pro review, but we will tell you right off the bat it definitely gets the closest to a full editing program as we can get on an iPad.

The application makes it a breeze to put videos/images together in an easy-to-use timeline. You can also add transitions, include pan and zoom effects, overlay audio, import media from cloud services and more. It is $12.99, but that isn’t a high price to pay for such a capable video editor you can use on-the-go.

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Vizzywig 4K


Vizzywig 4K is considered a professional grade video editing app, as well. It is likely Pinnacle Studio Pro’s greatest competitor in terms of features, and also happens to be the most expensive app in this list at $99.99 (and it used to cost $999.99!).

An app that costs this much must be special, right? Well, it is. Vizzywig allows for shooting, editing and sharing videos at full 4K resolution. Other outstanding features include multiple aspect ratios, professional-grade music tracks, cool Hollywood-style effects, manual shooting controls, precise trimming tools and more.

This app is really something. I am not sure I would pay that price, but if you don’t need 4K support you can also get the “standard” version for $29.99 (still not cheap).

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If you want to stick with Apple apps, you will be glad to hear that iMovie is available for iOS and it happens to be one of the best video editing apps around. The Cupertino giant prides itself in making some of the most user-friendly products around; iMovie is not the exception.

Putting videos together with this app is a simple, and it helps that performance is top-notch. You can seamlessly access your iPad files, put them together and take advantage of full multi-touch support. One can even add voice overs, titles and audio. Don’t want to do it all manually? There’s a slew of themes to make your editing labor much less intensive. At only $4.99, it is also an app many consider a must-have.

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Adobe Premiere Clip


When it comes to video and photo editors, no company beats Adobe’s popularity. They have built a name for themselves by making some of the best PC apps in the market. With programs like Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere in their portfolio, Adobe is a company you can trust, and they do have a video editor for your iPad available.

But while they are known for having very complex and capable software for computers, Adobe Premiere Clip is as simple as video editors get. The app is designed to help you easily create videos and share them as fast as possible, so don’t expect a full-featured product. It does work very well with the Creative Cloud, if you happen to be a subscriber. And considering it’s a free application, you really can’t go wrong.

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Some call this application “magical”, and that is because it pretty much does everything on its own. Simply tell Magisto which videos and photos you want to include in your video, select a theme and choose your sound. Magisto will take care of the rest and create some pretty good-looking movies.

The best part of the deal is that you can get it for free, so you might as well give it a try!

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Quik is much like Magisto in that it does everything for you. Select up to 200 images clips or images and choose a theme. It will create a movie with all your media, transitions, effects and more. Oh, and it is also free!

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Vee for Video


Vee for Video makes it simple to shoot and edit videos on-the-go. In essence, it makes editing video super simple, while keeping a wide array of features available to the user.

Features include a drag-and-drop interface, up to 4K quality, cool filters, the ability to slow down and speed up clips, transitions, a video stabilizer, exposure control and more.

It costs only $2.99, but does include in-app purchases and certain improvements will cost more.

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VideoFX Live


VideoFC Live is an alright editor, but it is mostly known for its ability to incorporate video effects. These can be implemented during, or after the shot. There are thousands of effect available and the app is free, so it should be something to at least test out.

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Which of these video editing apps is your favorite? Do you think any others should be added to the list? Hit the comments to let us know!

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