With all these new tablets, smartphones and ultrabooks hitting the market equipped with little more than a single USB Type-C port, the opportunity for accessory manufacturers to create the best USB Type-C hubs and docks is now. There are already a few great options on the market, join us for a list of what we believe are the best USB C hub adapters available today.

Unlike our usual technique of listing items off in no particular order, we would like to do something a little different – we have a favorite USB Type-C dock of the options on hand, we’ll just save it for the end.

What makes a great USB Type-C hub or dock?

MateDock SurfaceDock 5

Before we dive in, let’s discuss our approach to the selection process. This is actually pretty straightforward, we have chosen to ignore any hub or dock that offers only one function. We believe the best value for the money is in USB Type-C hubs and docks that can provide at least a couple USB ports, at least one external monitor port and it must have power passthrough to charge your device as it works.

We are not saying that you will not find value in the smaller and feature focused adapters, but they are just that, adapters, let’s focus on hubs and docks here today.


Anker USB Type C dock

Don’t let its slender build fool you, this USB Type-C hub from Anker is packed with a full size HDMI port, capable of pumping out 4K resolution video, a couple USB 3.0 ports and a USB Type-C power passthrough. This hub will not win any awards for going above and beyond, but in keeping it simple, this is by far the smallest option in the list today.

With a price tag of $59.99, the Anker USB Type-C hub is well worth your consideration, but do have a look through the rest of the list before you make any decisions.

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Dell USB Type C dock

Dell has gone all in on this technology, they actually offer several USB Type-C hubs and docks. The smaller of the two we’re looking at today offers one fewer port as compared to the Anker offering above, swapping out one USB port for an Ethernet port, but doing away with the USB Type-C power passthrough. I suppose that’s what we can expect for less than $50. Good thing this is another sleek dock for easy transportation.

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Dell USB Type C dock

Taking things well beyond the next step, Dell offer a much larger USB Type-C dock equipped with two older USB 2.0 ports, three newer USB 3.0 ports, an Ethernet port, it comes with its own power adapter to keep all your gear lit up and includes three video ports to support up to two simultaneous 1080p external monitors.

This is not a very portable dock, and the price jumps up to over $135, but in terms of overall functionality, this is a powerful dock, packed with as many ports and plugs as our old favorite dock, the Surface Dock. Too bad the Surface Dock uses a proprietary plug.

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Kensington USB Type C dock

Kensington is an older name in computer accessories, and also offer up a few options in this segment. The mobile and desktop versions of their USB Type-C docks both offer up a few USB 3.0 ports, Ethernet and a couple display ports. The desktop version adds additional USB ports, including two USB Type-C ports, mic and headphone jacks and has an optional power passthrough via power adapter to keep everything charged up.

Grab the mobile version for $79 or jump up to the desktop version for $189 to get all the bells and whistles.

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Cable Matters

Cable Matters USB Type C dock

Cable Matters became popular around here for their cables, as the name implies, but this USB Type-C port is definitely on our radar. Packing two display ports and an Ethernet port, we are sad to see just one USB 3.0 port included. It also breaks our rules for requiring power pass-through, but we’ll forgive it this once for it’s very easily portable design, 4K video resolution, great device compatibility list and sub-$50 price.

Check out the Cable Matters USB Type-C dock for $49.99 from Amazon.

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Huawei MateBook MateDock

This is it folks, this is the USB Type-C dock that has been knocking our socks off. We actually have two of them around here, we like them so much. There is no magic to it, Huawei hit it out of the park building a sleek, metal designed dock with two display ports, two USB 3.0 ports, Ethernet and USB Type-C power pass-through.

The attractive leather wrapping with magnetic attachment makes it easy to use this dock on the go, all while matching the aesthetics of the MateBook. Be sure to check out our additional coverage on this dock, particularly as an accessory for the Macbook.

Huawei MateBook MateDock

Head on over to Amazon to grab the Huawei MateDock for $89 today.

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There you have it folks, our list of the best USB Type-C docks and hubs available today. With many adapters and a wide range of USB Type-C docks to choose from, we hope you’ve found what you need.

Be sure to let us know if you have another USB Type-C hub or dock that is serving you well.

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