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If a complete smart home is what you’re after, you most certainly are going to want to pick up a smart lock. After all, it is the gateway into your home, and the first thing your friends and family will notice as part of your smart ecosystem. Since they’ve been around for a good while at this point, there are plenty of smart locks to choose from, but there are a few key factors to consider to make sure you get exactly what you’re after.

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We’ve put together a list of what we would consider to be the best smart locks on the market right now. Not seeing your favorite? Let us know about it in the comments below!

August Smart Lock

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First up on our list is the August Smart Lock. Not only does this thing look amazing, it has a couple of really cool features that make it a lot of fun to use. For starters, as you would expect, the August Smart Lock automatically unlocks as you approach your door, and locks back when you leave the house. Since you won’t be the only one coming in and out of your house, you can give access to friends and family. This gives them the same ability as you, but you can also customize the times they are able to access your home, and you can revoke their right to access the house at any time. Installing the August Smart Lock is fairly simple, and doesn’t require you to replace the outside portion of your existing hardware.

The August Smart Lock app is quite handy, providing 24/7 activity monitoring, so you always know when your door has been opened. If you’re away from home, you can see exactly who has entered your home since you’re able to assign unique keys to each user. For an additional cost, you can pair your August Smart Lock with the August Connect, giving you the ability to remotely lock and unlock your door. Need to let the dog walker in long enough to pick up fido? No problem.

Overall, this is a solid option for a smart lock. It’s easy to get up an going, and it works with the major smart home hubs like Amazon Echo, Google Assistant and Apple Homekit. If function and form is what you’re after, give this one a shot. Price wise, the August smart lock will set you back $228.95.

Schlage Sense

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Similar to other smart locks, the Sense series of smart locks (available in multiple styles and finishes) has the ability to automatically open when you are nearby using Bluetooth. Before we get too far, you must note that this lock ONLY works with Apple HomeKit. So, Android users – you’re out of luck here. If you opt for the Schlage Connect, you can power your lock with Amazon Echo, so that should fix your problem. If you’re grumbling under your breath about Apple HomeKit, one cool feature to keep in mind is the ability to solicit actions from the lock via Siri commands. So, saying “Hey, Siri – Unlock the front door.” will get the job done.

You’ll notice the lock also has an exterior-facing number pad that is accessible to anyone visiting your home. The cool part is, you can assign 30 unique access codes that will let others into your home. Give one to your neighbor, your aunt, your grandma, friends, or anyone else that might ever need access to your house. Now, if you are an Apple HomeKit user, and also happen to have an Apple TV, you can work some wizadry and control the lock remotely from your iPhone.

The Schlage Sense will set you back around $180.

Kwikset Kevo Lock

Kwikset Kevo

Next up is the Kwikset Kevo Lock. Kwikset actually offers a range of smart lock products, including the Kevo Convert, Kevo Fob and Kevo Plus. All of these products are obviously geared toward making the process of entering and exiting your home a bit easier. The Kevo Lock prides itself on it’s Touch-to-Open technology. Like the name suggests, if your paired smartphone is in your pocket or purse, you simply need to tap on the lock, and voila – the door is unlocked. Outside of that nifty feature, this lock does all of things you might expect. You can assign unique codes to anyone that needs access to your house, and you can control the device remotely. However, you will need to upgrade to Kevo Plus (an additional $99 and extra accessory) for the remote control.

Kwikset’s other products in the lineup make the ecosystem worth considering as well. If you don’t need the fancy Touch-to-Open technology, you can purchase the Kwikset Convert to install over you existing deadbolt, turning it into a smart lock with no wiring required. Additionally, the Kevo Fob allows you to use the Touch-to-Open technology without having a smartphone. Unfortunately, the Kwikset lineup doesn’t support Apple Homekit or Google Assistant at this time.

As for pricing? It will set you back around $223.

Lockitron Bolt

Lockitron Bolt

If cost is your biggest motivating factor, you’re in for a treat here. The Lockitron Bolt is the most affordable of our list of best smart locks, but be warned – you’re going to be missing a few features that you will find in some of the more expensive options.

On its face, the Lockitron Bolt has a great, modern and sleek design that will fit well in many households. Outside of being very good-looking, the Bolt can perform many of the same actions that you’ll find with the other’s on this list. For instance, since the lock works off the Bluetooth standard, you’ll have no issues pairing with your iOS or Android device. Once you’re within range, you can setup automatic unlock – no more fiddling with your keys in your purse or pocket.

Unlike other smart locks like the Schlage Sense and the August Smart Lock, the Lockitron Bolt doesn’t come with an auto-lock feature. However, for an additional cost ($79) you can add on Lockitron’s bridge which allows you to remotely lock and unlock from anywhere. It’s a bit of a bummer that the Lockitron Bolt doesn’t have some of these crucial features, but it makes up for it with a well-designed and reliable app. With Lockitron’s app you can keep tabs on all of the people that are entering and exiting your home without missing a beat.

The real winning factor here is that the Lockitron Bolt is only $99, making this a great entry-level option.

Yale Real Living Touchscreen Deadbolt

Yale Real Living Image Credit:

Most of the smart locks on this list will work with your phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. What’s different about the Yale Real Living smart locks is that it’s full potential is reached by using an existing ZigBee or Z-Wave home automation system. Now, in 2017, ZigBee and Z-Wave are starting to seem a little dated, given the likes of Amazon Echo and Google Assistant, but there are still a lot of options out there for the systems. If you happen to have one of those, this product should be an easy add for you.

The real benefit here in my opinion is the hardware itself. The Yale Real Living smart lock comes with a backlit capacitive screen that’s used for it’s number pad. So, unlike some other number pads, this one is quite a bit more responsive and requires less pressure to register a touch. On the downside, this lock can’t work directly with your phone, so it’s not quite as convenient as something like the Kwikset Kevo or the August Smart Lock. Programming this lock is also a bit trickier, as there isn’t a dedicated app to get the job done. Instead, there is a voice-guided programming menu that will help you out.

If you’re a ZigBee or Z-Wave user who likes solid build quality, definitely give this one a look. As for pricing, you’ll find it for $200.

So, as you can see, many of the smart locks on the market share a lot of commonalities. However, there are a few that will give you a little more in the way of features such as auto-lock, remote access, etc. The question really becomes, are you willing to cough up the extra dough in order to get these features? And, are those feature really worth the extra money?

Are you using any of these smart locks? Is your interested peaked by any of them on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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