Your guide to the best smart doorbells

Smart doorbells seem a little silly when you first hear about them. How much can you improve upon a tool that essentially just uses noise to tell you someone’s at the door, after all?  Well, a lot, it turns out.

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In short, a smart doorbell is connected to your smartphone, so you get a notification whenever someone’s at the door. That means if you’re not home, you still get pinged. And what’s more, a camera and two-way microphone allow you to see who’s calling and to communicate with them. In other words, smart doorbells are not just doorbells, they are essentially home security cameras too!

Imagine telling the mail carrier to leave your package on the back porch instead of getting a notification that your parcel is waiting for you at the post office. Pure bliss!

So, what should you look for when you buy a smart doorbell? Don’t fret, this best smart doorbell buyer’s guide is just for you!

Ring 2

Best smart doorbells - Ring 2

Ring is one of the leading names in smart doorbells — so much so that the company was purchased by Amazon when it caught the online retail giant’s attention.

The Ring 2 is the “next gen” in smart video doorbells, offering 1080HD video, a 160-degree field of view, built-in microphone and speakers, infrared night vision, motion detectors, quick-release rechargeable battery, and instant mobile alerts.

It can be yours for $199, or you can invest in the original Ring for half that price — and obviously fewer features.

Nest Hello

Best smart doorbells - Nest Hello

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The Nest Hello is a very cool product that will let you hear and see who is at the door whether you’re home or not.

It has HD video, night vision, HDR, a 160-degree field of view and 24/7 streaming, along with live cloud-recording capabilities. This means it also serves as a security camera of sorts.

Combine it with Google Home, and your smart home assistant will announce when someone is at the door.

The Nest Hello is yours for $299.

August Doorbell Cam Pro

Best smart doorbells - August Doorbell Cam Pro

The August Doorbell Cam Pro is another popular choice, and one of the best smart doorbells currently available.

It offers real-time alerts, HD video camera and two-way audio, full-color HD at night, and free 24-hour doorbell camera video storage.

The smart doorbell pairs with any August Smart Lock to let visitors in remotely and works together with major smart home brands.

It’s yours for $199.


Best smart doorbells - Blink

Blink video cameras don’t offer too much more than the other products on this list, but they’re easy, convenient, and affordable.

What you get with a Blink smart doorbell is HD video, two-year battery life, infrared night vision, free cloud storage, and motion detection.

And starting at $99, this is definitely one of the best smart doorbells you can get your hands on, and the bast value.


Best smart doorbells - Zmodo

Looking for another cheap option? Zmodo might be the smart doorbell for you. It retails for a cool $99, so it matches the cheapest options on our list, and it’s received stellar ratings, holding its own against the other options on this list.

See live view, get motion alerts, create cloud clips, and greet visitors with two-way audio.

SkyBell HD

Best smart doorbells - SkyBell HD

The SkyBell HD has a refreshingly compact design.

It offers HD video, motion sensor, live monitoring, free video recording, multiple simultaneous users, two-way audio, activity history logs, color night vision, and anti-theft warranty. It also works well when connected to a smart home system.

The SkyBell HD goes for $199, and is one of the best smart doorbells we could find in our quest to bring you the top options.

Those are our picks of the best smart doorbells currently available.

The smart home market is growing, and we obviously can’t cover every single smart doorbell available. Did we miss your favourites? Let us know in the comments about your own experiences with video doorbells and other smart home security features.

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