Best Netflix original series and movies

With 86.74 million subscribers as of Q3 2016, there is no doubt Netflix is one of the biggest influences in media streaming. Their selection of series and movies only continue to improve, including a growing portfolio of exclusive content. Over 120 original shows and films were released only in 2016, making for countless hours of entertainment to be enjoyed straight from your smart devices, computers, TVs and more.

Have you ever gone through the full list of Netflix Originals? It is long! So extensive that no one would know where to start. This is why we have curated a list of our favorites. Our selection consists of 5 series and 5 movies, which would be the best to get you started on the Netflix universe.

Shall we jump right in?

Netflix Original Series

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a UK anthology series. Each episode portrays a unique and fictional story in new technologies take over our lives. Sounds familiar? That’s exactly the point. This show takes modern trends and magnifies them to demonstrate the consequences that gadgets, social networking and the age of communication have over society.

Surely, it will take but one or a two episodes to get you hooked on mind-twisting, yet very familiar events that could easily assimilate our present experiences.

Orange is the New Black

Prison sounds like a horrible place full of violence, raping and merciless officers. Whether that is actually true or not is beyond my knowledge, but this show seems to portray a different spectacle when it comes to female prisons (something else I obviously have no clue of).

The show follows the story of Piper Chapman, who comes from a wealthy family, owned a bath soap business and had a bright future ahead. She got mixed up with bad company and ended up in prison. While she may be the protagonist, the best part of the series is learning about the multiple inmate stories, which are periodically unveiled. These are captivating, heart-breaking and sometimes way too funny.

It is Netflix’s most popular original series and will definitely bring plenty of entertainment to your living room, or wherever you take your smart devices.

Stranger Things

Stranger things is definitely one of the best produced series in Netflix’s portfolio. It is the story of a lost boy who’s mother is frantically looking for. In the midst of this search, the kid’s group of adventurous friends run into a girl… a very special one with telekinetic powers.

Not only can she control objects with her mind, but she is able to tap into a world unknown to other humans – the upside down. But this dimension is not a lonely one. Dark forces roam within, making the search for this boy very complicated.

Lady Dynamite

Lady Dynamite will take you through the roller coaster of emotions that is Maria Bamford’s life… or at least a fictional version of the comedian.

This aspiring actress takes a 6-month break from LA in an effort to battle bipolar disorder. But that is only part of the fun; much of the comical content comes from some flashbacks that portray her background and are critical for understanding her story.

It is one hell of a show and has been claimed the best Netflix original series by plenty of fans and critics.

Club de Cuervos

Club de Cuervos quickly gained popularity within the Hispanic community, as it is Netflix’s first original series in Spanish. While this comedy show does have somewhat of a niche audience, it is a great series any viewer could have a blast watching.

The story features a brother and sister who have inherited their father’s soccer team. They continuously fight over the team’s presidency while the world around them goes to chaos thanks to their actions. Salvador’s entitled rich boy attitude and Isabel’s stubborn personality prove to be the perfect mix for a time full of laughter, suspense and plot twists.

By the way, Club de Cuervos may be a soccer-themed series, but it is in no way meant only for sports fans. Any person can enjoy this mess.

Netflix Original Movies

The Fundamentals of Caring

Join Ben (a retired writer who has become a caregiver), Trevor (an 18-year old who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy) and Dot (a young girl looking to restart her life in Denver) as they embark in an adventure to see American roadside attractions.

This comedy puts you in the road with a dynamic and unpredictable group of people looking to find themselves. The fun and heart-warming film is full of emotions, great times and unexpected events. It is sure to give you a good time.


Babysitting is not easy, especially when you decide to kidnap the baby. A rich and heartfelt story emerges from this event, even if for all the wrong reasons. Tallulah (Ellen Page) takes said baby to her ex-boyfriend’s mom, claiming the infant is hers. They then begin bonding over their chaotic lives.

In essence, this is the story of three women with complicated lives, for their own crazy reasons. It is a fun movie with a very sweet and light touch.

Beasts of no Nation

War is no place for children, but these innocent creatures are often the most affected and can even play major roles within it. This is exactly what makes this film so intense and emotional.

Beasts of no Nation tells the story of Agu, a child who trips into the pit of war, becoming a soldier who fights in an African country’s civil war.

The Little Prince

Surely, most of us read The Little Prince as children. This sweet tale touches on human concepts, such as adulthood, friendship, love and other emotions.

In this movie a little girl is introduced to the world of The Little Prince by an old aviator neighbor who takes her away from the adult life the girl’s mother is trying to introduce her to.

This is one of the most unique Netflix movies in terms of production. It uses stop motion animation to bring an eccentric and surreal effect. Just like the original poetic novel, this may seem like a kid’s movie, but it portrays concepts the little kids may not understand. I am sure the little ones will still love it, though!


13th Amendment of the US constitution, Section 1 – “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

Notice some kind of loophole there? It seems everyone did, as this gap was quickly exploited. Prisons are huge sources of income, and even private companies are monetizing criminal slavery.

This is a hot topic and the 13th documentary does a great job at giving you an idea of why things need to change in our justice system.

Wrapping up

Now that you have a list of the best Netflix Originals, it’s time to start popping that corn and get cozy. You have plenty of great series and movies to watch.

Are there any other titles you guys would recommend? Hit the comments to let us know!

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