With the arrival of the iPhone 8, the iPhone 7 isn’t the new hotness from Apple — but it’s still a damn good phone.

Just got yourself a shiny iPhone 7? Keep in mind this is a gadget you will carry everywhere, which makes it vulnerable to everyday dangers. It’s important to protect it, but you may not want a full-sized, bulky case. iPhone 7 bumper cases do a good job at shielding devices’ sides and corners. And because these create a separation in the back and front, they also keep these areas pretty secure. All while maintaining the phone’s good looks visible.

But there is a plethora of options online, right? How do you know which case to purchase? We have put together a list of our favorite iPhone 7 bumper cases. Let’s dig right in!

Elago S7 Evo Bumper Case


Having a back protector for scratches may be safe, but I still like my tech looking good. This is why I prefer the Elago S7 Evo Bumper Case. It is a simple (yet sturdy) case made of TPU and polycarbonate materials. It fits tight around the edges of the phone and will keep your phone guarded while keeping a clean look. All for only $8.99, a heck of a price for one of the best iPhone 7 bumper cases you can buy.

Ringke Fusion Bumper Case


Need a bit more protection for the iPhone 7’s back? This iPhone 7 bumper case is discrete thanks to its clear design, but it does come with both a protective bumper and a layer that keeps the back of the phone safe. At $9.99, you can’t really go wrong with this one.

FYY Ultra Slim Fit Hybrid Clear Bumper Case

FYY Bumper Case

This bumper case is not like your typical ones. It promises a more solid construction, as it is made with “military materials” and features a unique design. Those little dots create a space between the case and surfaces, providing better shock protection. And since it is sold directly by the manufacturer, you can get it for only $7.85! That’s one hell of a good price for one of the best iPhone 7 bumpers you can buy.

Tauri bumper case

Tauri bumper case

Want something even more affordable? This bumper case goes for only $7.99! It is no bad case, either. It offers a dual-layer design, but it is also very slim.

Interested in any of the iPhone 7 bumper cases on the list? Hit the comments to let us know if you are getting one.

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