Still the most recently released iOS powered tablet on the market, the iPad Pro 9.7 is proving a long lasting addition to Apple’s line of mobile technology. We’ve been distracted by the more recently released iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but that’s no excuse to forget about security for your tablet, security from bumps and drops using a case or cover.

Selection is not as slim as it was in the early days, but still, most of your iPad Air 2 cases and covers will get you by in a pinch. There are a few differences, mind you, but worth a shot before spending more money. Also, we’ll focus on a top pick from different types of cases and covers, so please do use this list as a starting point for your search.

Let’s get started, we’ll find you a great case or cover for your iPad Pro 9.7

We will regularly update this article with new and excited iPad Pro 9.7 cases and covers. This month we’ve updated a few prices, for the better, and changed to some improved links for easier purchasing.

Apple Smart Keyboard

iPad Pro 9_7 announcement smart keyboard

You had to know we would start here, this is the killer accessory for the iPad Pro line, Apple’s Smart Keyboard. On top of being a detachable keyboard and dock, the Smart Keyboard folds over to protect your tablet when not in use.

The Smart Keyboard will run you $149.00 at Apple, that’s $20 less expensive than the same accessory for the big model of this Pro tablet. Alternatively, head on over to Amazon to grab your iPad Pro 9.7 Smart keyboard for $145.00.


Apple Smart Cover

iPad Pro 9.7 smart cover

Rounding out the official channels, Apple followed trend on a Smart Cover as well for the iPad Pro 9.7. A familiar folding screen cover that doubles as a stand, it comes in the same 12 colors as the Silicone Case above. The ‘smart’ part of this cover is in the embedded magnets that put your screen to sleep and wake it back up when the cover is closed and opened again.

Look to spend $49.00 on the Smart Cover at Apple. This was also hard to find on Amazon, but we did find one in Mint color, equip your iPad Pro 9.7 with this accessory for $39.00 from Amazon.

Third-party manufacturers

MoKo shell and cover

MoKo iPad Pro 9.7 case

In familiar fashion to previous iPad protection from MoKo, this shell with smart cover provides full protection for your iPad Pro 9.7. The hard shell snaps on, wrapping around the back and sides, and then the smart cover, well, it’s pretty darn close to the same as Apple’s official cover, but at a fraction of the cost.

Grab the MoKo shell and cover for your iPad Pro 9.7 in a selection of colors for $10.98 at Amazon.

ProCase leather folio

ProCase iPad Pro 9.7 case

If the leather binder look is more to your liking, this ProCase Leather folio is a great place to start. Doubling as a stand, this case allows access to all the ports and buttons, provides solid impact protection and even has a holder for your Apple Pencil smart stylus. Let’s be fair, this case is about exactly what you’d expect from a leather folio case for your iPad.

Grab the ProCase leather folio for your iPad Pro 9.7 for $14.99 from Amazon.


Fintie rotating stand case

Fintie iPad Pro 9.7 case

With an initial look and feel as you’ve seen above, this synthetic leather case snaps to the back of your iPad Pro 9.7. The smart front cover flips around to become a stand and the trick up this case’s sleeve (pun not intended) is that it allows your iPad to swivel 360 degrees of display orientation. Protection, versatility and over 20 fun colors and designs.

Check out the Fintie rotating stand case for $8.99 from Amazon for your iPad Pro 9.7.


Urban Armor Gear rugged composite case

UAG iPad Pro 9.7 case

This UAG folio is military drop tested for the ultimate protection of your iPad Pro 9.7. The tough shell is matched by a screen cover that flips out to make a stand, or just detaches for ease of use. The built-in Apple Pencil holder is on the display cover side though, so you’ll need alternate carrying plans if you want to leave the cover at home.

Check out the 3 available colors of the Urban Armor Gear rugged case for your iPad Pro 9.7, and contemplate the value with a price of $49.95 at Amazon.


Case-Mate Tuxedo case


This Case-Mate case is different… but very familiar. It looks like a combination between a folio case and a smart cover (but it won’t have smart cover screen support). It is sleek and simple, unlike those thicker leather folios we know. It’s also important to note that the front cover turns into a stand, making it easy to use your ipad in multiple positions.
You can grab it from Amazon for $34.99 right now, so go get it!

Case-Made Leather Portfolio case


We recently spent some time with the Case-Made leather folio case for the iPad Pro 9.7, and we liked it enough that we want to recommend their offering for the iPad Air 2 as well. This is a well made leather folio case, available in two colors and styles, with a plastic clip in holder inside the leather outside.

I could go on about craftsmanship and the simple, yet effective design, but let’s just say that if you are looking for a nice sturdy leather folio case, go ahead and grab the Casemade case for the iPad Pro 9.7 today for £39.90 (about US$50.)


That rounds out our list for now, as mentioned, it is early days for the iPad Pro 9.7, be sure to watch for our update in a few months to see what new cases and covers caught our eye in that time.

Have you opted for one of these cases or covers, or do you have another favorite protecting your iPad Pro 9.7?

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