Although Apple released their latest small size tablet over a year ago now, it’s still the leading 8-inch iOS tablet from the company. If you have not yet decided to protect your iPad mini 4, the price for cases are as low as they’ve ever been. Whether looking for your first or are looking for a replacement or update of a convenient and stylish way to protect your equipment, no worries, this quick list of the best iPad mini 4 cases has got you covered. Rather, it’s got your tablet covered, you know what we mean.

Please keep in mind that the new iPad mini 4 is not the same size as previous mini iPads. Your older generic 8-inch tablet covers and sleeves will likely still fit, but you will not be able to re-use a form-fitting iPad mini, iPad mini 2 or iPad mini 3 case. Sorry.

Update November 2016: We’ve updated a few prices again, most remained the same, but the Otterbox Defender series case, with its superior protection, came down almost $20 since we last checked in.


Apple iPad mini 4 Smart Cover

Keeping things simple, Apple offers the same style of folding Smart Cover for the iPad mini 4 as they have offered for all previous iPads. You’ve seen this one before, it’s a leather smart cover, it folds up into a stand and it is guaranteed to fit perfectly.

Grab the Apple iPad mini 4 Smart Cover straight from Amazon for $39.00

Apple iPad mini 4 Silicone Case

Look at that, Apple has two official cases available for the iPad mini 4. This one is a super simple form-fitting silicone case that will save the back and sides from minor bumps, bruises and scratches. It is designed to go hand-in-hand with the Smart Cover, for full device protection.

Complete your official equipment device coverage with the Apple iPad mini 4 Silicone Case for $58.00

Moko Ultra Slim Lightweight Smart-shell

If you are looking for a case and cover that is pretty close to the official offering, but costs a few dollars less, be sure to check out the Moko Ultra Slim smart-shell. We’ve seen Moko cases before, and they have proven an accurate fit with good durability and functionality. If it sounds like I am trying to assure you it is worthwhile to look at this third-party vendor, it is only because their price is so great.

The Moko Ultra slim Smart-shell for the iPad mini 4 is $9.95 right now from Amazon.

KHOMO iPad mini 4 case

New to our list for January, don’t be fooled by the color name, this KHOMO iPad mini 4 case is not actually carbon fiber, it’s just the design. This rubberized dual purpose cover and case has quickly become a crowd favorite, available in over a dozen different colors, please be careful when you order, not all colors are actually for the mini 4, some are still only on the old iPad mini design. Best of all, KHOMO has design the bottom edge to promote better acoustics for your listening experience. Obviously, sound quality is a matter of taste, but we applaud them for making an effort.

Check out the KHOMO iPad mini 4 case in Carbon fiber at Amazon for $14.95.

JETech Folio Smart Case

JETech is another third-party vendor we’ve been impressed by in the past. Both the Moko case and this JETech case are made of synthetic leather, all but duplicate the official Apple offerings and come in at a great price point.

Grab the JETech Folio Smart Case for the iPad Mini 4 for $8.99 from Amazon.

LK Armor case

If you are less worried about having a smart cover, and more concerned with great protection for the back and sides of your new iPad mini 4, the LK Armor case is a good place to start. Using the two layer system of a soft silicone cover protected by a hard plastic outer shell, it’ll take more than just some sand on the table to scratch your tablet.

Head on over to Amazon to check out the LK Armor case for the iPad mini 4 for just $10.99.


(Update January 2016: The Otterbox Defender Series is now available for the iPad Mini 4, check it out at the links below, or grab it from Amazon for $38.80 today.)

We are huge fans of Otterbox and the rugged cases they provide, but the thing is, as we write this, Otterbox does not yet have a case available for the iPad mini 4. They promise it is on its way, and if you are looking for one of the best rugged cases around, Otterbox has always delivered. Stay tuned, we’ll update this when we see the case go live, or just hit the Otterbox site and sign up to be notified when it becomes available.

There you have it, while we are certain that more, and possibly better cases and accessories are coming, these are our top picks for (mostly) currently available iPad mini 4 cases.

Do you have a favorite iPad mini 4 case that you’d like to recommend?

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