Best Bluetooth trackers for finding your keys, wallet, and more…

Bluetooth trackers are compact and relatively inexpensive devices that help you locate your valuable possessions. You can put one in your wallet, or attach it to those keys you keep misplacing them every few days.

Instead of searching for lost items all over the place, you can quickly find them with the help of a dedicated app. The majority of trackers also allow you to locate your phone, which will start ringing when you press a button on the device.

If you keep misplacing valuable items like keys, bags, and your wallet, opting for a Bluetooth tracker is the way to go. You’ll find the best ones currently available below.

Tile Mate

The Tile Mate has a hole that can be used for attaching it to your keys. You can also drop it inside of a bag or stick it to a bicycle or any other item (adhesive sold separately). When you lose something, grab your smartphone, open the dedicated app, and ring the tracker with a simple tap. The Tile Mate will play a loud tune, so you’ll be able to locate the item easily — only if it’s in Bluetooth range (up to 100 feet).

The Tile app automatically records the last time and place it saw your item, so you can get a better idea of where to look for it if it’s out of range. Additionally, when a user in Tile’s global network comes within range of your missing item, the app will notify you of its location.

The tracker is IP57 rated and can also help you find your phone. Just double press the button on the Tile Mate to make your handset ring, even if it’s in silent mode.

The Tile Mate’s battery will last for about a year but is non-replaceable. What this means is that when the Bluetooth tracker runs out of juice, you’ll have to buy a brand new one. It’s compatible with devices running iOS 8.1 and Android 4.4.2 KitKat or higher and retails for $24.99 on Amazon.

Tile Sport/Style

The Sport and Style models are part of the company’s Pro series. They are exactly the same in terms of features but differ from one another in terms of design — check out the image above.

Both models are similar to the Tile Mate described above. They can be attached to various items and help you locate them with the dedicated app. They can also be used to find your smartphone, have a non-replaceable battery that’s good for around a year of use, and are compatible with the same devices.

However, they do offer more than the Tile Mate in some areas. The two devices get twice as loud, making it even easier to locate your valuable possessions. They also have twice the range (up to 200 feet) and an improved water resistance (IP68 vs IP57).

Of course, this also means they are one of the more expensive Bluetooth trackers. Both retail for $34.99, while a two-pack will set you back $59.99.

TrackR Pixel

best bluetooth trackers

This coin-sized Bluetooth tracker is made of plastic and can easily attach to your bag, keys, and other valuable items. You can make it ring loudly and light up with the dedicated app, which will help you locate your stuff in no time.

When the lost item is out of range, TrackR’s global network of owners can come to the rescue. You’ll get a private notification with the location of the thing you’re looking for when someone who uses the tracker passes by it.

Misplaced your phone? Just press the button on the TrackR Pixel to make it ring, even when it’s in silent mode. Alternatively, you can ring it via a voice command if you have an Alexa-powered device. 

Unlike some of the other Bluetooth trackers on this list, the TrackR Pixel has a replaceable battery. It’s available in a number of different colors and works with devices running iOS 9 or Android 4.4 KitKat and above. Pricing starts at $22.99 on Amazon.

TrackR Bravo

The Bravo is very similar to the Pixel described above, as it offers the exact same features. This means you can attach it to various items and then locate them with the help of the app. You can also count on TrackR’s global network of owners to help you find an item that’s out of range, and locate your smartphone by pressing the button on the tracker.

However, the Bravo has a more premium look and feel than the Pixel thanks to its brushed aluminum body. For a fee, you can also pimp it out with a custom engraving or a photo to make the device unique.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have LED lights like the Pixel that would make it easy to spot at night. It’s also available in fewer color options (fours vs eight) and is again one of the more expensive Bluetooth trackers on the list at $29.99.


Pixie is different than the Bluetooth trackers covered so far. The retail package includes two trackers, one of which you have to stick to your smartphone, while the other can be attached to an item of your choice.

When you lose an item, open the dedicated app to get turn-by-turn directions on your device. Pixie also uses augmented reality to visually show you where the lost items are when you’re close by, as it marks the location on the screen — see image above.

The good thing about this creative method of finding lost items is that you can locate your smartphone when it’s turned off. However, the tracker can’t emit a sound like the majority of its rivals, which might be a deal breaker for some.

The manufacturer claims it has a range of up to 50 feet indoors and 150 feet outdoors. The battery is good for around 12 months of use and can’t be replaced, making the tracker useless once it runs out of juice. For now, Pixie only works with devices running iOS 9 or higher, although support for Android is said to be available soon. It’s resistant to water and dust (IP67), comes with a one-year warranty, and retails for $49.99 on Amazon.

Pebblebee Finder

Pebblebee made its way to the market with the help of a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $200,000. It’s partly made from surgical grade stainless steel and looks gorgeous. The tracker is small as well as light and can easily be attached to your keys, a backpack, or any other item.

The Pebblebee Finder features a loud buzzer and an LED light, making it easy to locate it with the help of the companion app. The device also sports a button you can press to ring your smartphone in case you’ve misplaced it.

It has a range of up to 200 feet and comes with a replaceable battery that should last for about a year. The tracker also works with Alexa-powered devices, allowing you to search for missing items via voice commands. It’s compatible with devices running iOS 9.3 or Android 5.0 Lollipop and above, comes with a one-year warranty, and is available in Gunmetal, Rose Gold, and Silver. You can get it on Amazon for $29.99.


This Bluetooth tracker has a hole, so it can easily be attached to your keys and other items. You can ring it from your mobile phone in order to find the thing you’ve misplaced. It also works the other way around, meaning you can make your phone ring with the help of the tracker.

Cube has a separation alarm that will go off when you move too far away from an item — when you leave the house without your keys, for example. You can also use it as a shutter button for the camera.

The tracker has a removable battery that should last for about a year and a simple yet stylish design. It features a blue LED indicator, is resistant to water and dust (IP67), and compatible with devices running iOS 7 or Android 4.4 KitKat and newer. Cube ships with an extra battery included in the box and will set you back $24.95.


Orbit has an aluminum body for a premium look and feel and can help find your valuable items as well as your phone, just like the rest of the products on this list. It’s waterproof (IPX6), has a separation alarm, and packs a removable battery that will last for around six months. When it’s running low, the app will notify you so you can replace it in time.

Orbit can also be used as a shutter button for the camera, making it easier to capture selfies and group photos. When it’s out of range, the last known location will be shown on a map, which could help you remember where you might have left it. You can also get help finding it by activating OrbitNet to get the entire community of users involved.

The tracker works with the iPhone 4s and later as well as devices running Android 4.4 KitKat and above. There are seven color options to choose from. Pricing depends on which one you get, with the cheapest variant costing $29.99, while the most expensive will set you back $34.99.

These are the best Bluetooth trackers you can get your hands on in our opinion. The basic function of each one is the same, but they do differ from one another in terms of various features.

Which one would you consider getting? Let us know in the comments.

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